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Male Dog Names - Indian, Oriental and Pacific

Abacus - "I can count to 10 on my paws."
Avatar - The Hindus believe that this is a god who comes down and takes human form.
Bombay - An Indian port on the Arabian Sea.
Bonsai - A runt of a dog.
Boomerang, Boomer - "I'll always come back to you."
Brahma - The Hindus believe that Brahma is the spirit who created the Universe.
Bushido - The code of conduct of the Japanese Samurai. A great name for your Oriental breed of dog.
Cherokee - A tribe of Indians forcibly moved from the SE United States to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears.
Chief - This dog is always on the lookout and first on the scene.
Chopsticks - A great name for your Oriental breed of dog.
Cochise - A famous Apache warrior and chief.
Confucius - "Confucius say - More dog biscuits please."
Dacca - The capital of Bangladesh.
Dingo - A wild, tough mate. Just try and tame this dog.
Emperor - This boy dog will one day rule your household.
Everest - The highest mountain in the world. A part of the Himalayas. A fantastic name for any tall, large breed of dog.
Formosa - The old Portuguese name for Taiwan.
Gandhi - "Peace is my only demand."
Ganges - The large river in India that Hindus regard as sacred.
Godzilla - "Mothra doesn't stand a chance against me."
Hindu - A native of India or believer in Hinduism. A good name for any Asian breed of dog.
Hobart - The capital of Tasmania. A good name for the dog that resembles a tasmanian devil.
Indic - A term which means of India. Another appropriate name for an Asian breed of dog.
Indra - The early Hindu god of rain and thunder. This dog gets excited during a storm.
Jakarta - The capital of Indonesia.
Kabuki - A Japanese form of drama consisting of song, dance and pantomime. This boy dog loves to perform.
Kamikaze - "I sometimes throw caution to the wind, when chasing my tail."
Kanaka - A Hawaiian man.
Kendo - A Japanese sport that involves bamboo swords. An appropriate pet name for your Oriental breed of dog.
Kobe - A port in Honshu, Japan. Another great name for your Oriental breed of dog.
Krishna - A great hero-teacher of the Hindu religion.
Lama - A monk in the Lamaism sect of Buddhism.
Lascar - The term for an Indian sailor.
Did you know?
Small dogs usually have better hearing than large dogs.
Maharajah - A title once used for a prince of India.
Mahatma - A respected holy person of India.
Manitou - Algonquian Indian - The spirit which resides in every object and being.
Mao - Mao Tse-Tung was the legendary leader of Communist China.
Mikado - A title once used to designate the emperor of Japan. A wonderful name for your Oriental breed of dog.
Mohawk - The brave warrior dog who has no fear of heights.
Nehru - The 1st prime minister of India. A good name for any Asian breed of dog.
Ninja - Swift, silent and Japanese. A great pet name for your Oriental breed of guard dog.
Nirvana - "Ah, chew-toys."
Papoose - Native American - Baby.
Pasha - The former title of high-ranking Turkish officials.
Payat - American Indian - He is coming.
Rajah - A former term for a prince of India.
Sadhu - Hindu - A holy man.
Seminole - Certain tribes of Native Americans living in Florida and Oklahoma.
Shaman - The term for a priest or medicine man among many peoples.
Shinto - An ancient religion of Japan which is still practiced today. It involves the worshipping of many gods and nature.
Siva - One of the gods of the Hindu trinity. Known as the destroyer and restorer.
Sumo - A big, fat, athletic dog.
Swami - This dog enjoys playing with your magic 8-ball.
Taj - Urdu - A crown.
Vishnu - One of the Hindu trinity of God. Known as the preserver of the world.
Yancy - Native American - An Englishman or a Yankee.
Yeti - The Nepalese Sherpa's term for an abominable snowman.
Yogi - "I am a master contortionist."
Zen - A sect of the Buddhist religion.