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Male Dog Names - Hispanic and Spanish

Alonzo - Spanish - Noble and prepared. Nothing catches this male dog by surprise.
Balboa - A Spanish explorer who discovered the Pacific Ocean. A wonderful name for your water-loving male dog.
Benito - Spanish - A blessing.
Bolivar - A Venezuelan revolutionary who led forces against the Spanish rule of South America.
Caballero - A Spanish horseman.
Cactus - This boy dog is a bit prickly at times.
Carlos - Spanish - A man.
Castro - He'll be Red until he dies. This dog just loves to socialize.
Cortez - A Spanish explorer who conquered Mexico.
DeSoto - The famous Spanish explorer who "discovered" the Mississippi River.
Desperado - "I'm a rough and tough, outlaw dog."
Diablo - The dog who seems to embody pure evil.
Domingo - Spanish - Born on Sunday.
El Dorado - A legendary kingdom sought by Spanish explorers. It was believed to contain enormous wealth.
Emilio - Spanish - A hard worker.
Enrique - Spanish - House ruler. This male dog demands the royal treatment.
Esteban - Spanish - Crown.
Eugenio - Spanish - High-born. A great name for the dog that comes from strong blood lines.
Fandango - A Spanish dance of varying tempos.
Felipe - Spanish - A horse lover.
Ferdinand - German and Spanish - Ferdinand V, king of Spain, was married to Isabella. They were backers of Christopher Columbus.
Francisco - Spanish - From France.
Gaucho - A cowboy of the South American plains. They're usually of Indian/Spanish descent.
Guillermo - Spanish - Steadfast guardian. An excellent guard dog name.
Hidalgo - A minor Spanish nobleman.
Iberia - A peninsula in Europe occupied by Spain and Portugal.
Jacinto - Spanish - A hyacinth.
Javier - Spanish - The owner of a new home.
Jorge - Spanish - A farmer.
Juan - Spanish - God is gracious.
Julio - Spanish - Young. You hope this puppy never grows up.
King - "Oh boy, how do I live up to this name?"
Leonardo - Spanish - Resembles a lion. A great name for your Pomeranian or Chow-Chow.
Lobo - Wolf. A good name for the dog that's not far removed from his wild cousins.
Loco - "At times, I am truly demented."
Luis - Spanish - Famous warrior.
Did you know?
A whelp is a puppy that is still nursing on his/her mother's milk. It's unweaned.
Madrid - The Capital of Spain.
Magellan - The famous Portuguese navigator. He led the 1st expedition to go around the world.
Manuel - Spanish - God is with us.
Miguel - Spanish - Who is like God.
Orlando - Spanish - From the great land.
Pablo - Spanish - Small one. An excellent name for any small breed of dog.
Padre - "I'm a blessing to your household."
Paz - Spanish - Peace. This dog will tolerate no strife.
Pedro - Spanish - Rock.
Rafael - Spanish - God has healed.
Ramon - Spanish - Wise guardian. An excellent name for any guard dog.
Renaldo - Spanish - Mighty force.
Ricardo - Spanish - Strong ruler.
Roberto - Spanish - Shining fame.
Salvador - Spanish - The savior.
Sancho - Spanish - Holy and honest.
Saracen - A name used for the invading Moslems in the middle-ages.
Tequila - "I came all the way from Mexico to show you a good time."
Torero - Spanish - A bullfighter.
Toro - "I'm your favorite little bulldog."
Vicente - Spanish - One who conquers.