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Male Dog Names - Greek and Latin

Ace - Latin - One or unity. This male dog is loyal to a fault.
Adonis - Greek - A very handsome and youthful guy.
Adrian - Latin - The dark one. A great pet name for your dark-haired dog.
Aeneas - Greek - Most praised. This male dog is the best of the litter.
Aesop - An ancient Greek author of fables.
Alistair - Greek - Guardian or protector. A great name for any guard dog.
Aloysius - Latin - A famous warrior.
Alpha - The prototype of any dog breed.
Alva - Latin - Fair haired.
Ambrose - Greek - Immortal. You wish that this male dog could live forever.
Andrew - Greek - Masculine.
Angelo - Greek - Angel.
Anthony - Latin - Priceless.
Arion - An ancient Greek poet.
Aristotle - An ancient Greek philosopher who studied under Plato.
Balthasar - Greek - May God protect the king.
Basil - Latin - Royal. This male dog comes from champion blood lines.
Benedict - Latin - A blessing.
Cadmus - Greek - A person from the east. An appropriate name for your Oriental breed of dog.
Calvin - Latin - A bald person. A great name for the pet dog that has very little hair.
Carmine - Latin - Crimson color. A great name for your deep-red-colored dog.
Cary - Latin - Of great value. You paid a lot of money for this male dog.
Cash - Latin - Conceited. This male dog enjoys staring at his reflection in the mirror.
Castor - Greek - A beaver. This boy dog loves to chew on just about anything.
Cato - Latin - The person who is knowledgeable and very wise. Other dogs value this dog's advice.
Cecil - Latin - Darkened.
Christian - Latin - Follower of Christ.
Clarence - Latin - Renowned. This boy dog is famous all over the neighborhood.
Clark - Latin - A student. This male dog just loves to learn.
Crispin - Latin - The one with curly hair.
Damian - Greek - A person who tames.
Damon - Greek - A steadfast and loyal person. This dog will always be true to you.
Delmar - Latin - The person from the sea. A wonderful name for your water-loving dog.
Delphi - This was a town in ancient Greece containing the oracle of Apollo.
Demetrius - Greek - A follower of Demeter (the Greek fertility goddess).
Dexter - Latin - Clever. This male dog learns easily.
Dominick - Latin - Godly.
Epicurus - An ancient Greek philosopher who promoted sensory pleasure (in moderation).
Epirus - A region which lies in southern Albania and northern Greece.
Epsilon - The 5th letter of the Greek alphabet.
Eugene - Greek - High-born. This male dog comes from strong blood-lines.
Fabian - Latin - A bean grower.
Felix - Latin - One who is very fortunate and happy. This dog considers himself very lucky that you adopted him.
Fidel - Latin - Faithful. This dog only has 1 master and that is you.
Greco - "I love the smell of Greek cooking."
Did you know?
A mongrel is a mixed dog that resembles no recognizable breed.
Hector - One of the bravest Trojan warriors. He was killed by the Greek warrior Achilles.
Helicon - A mountain region in Greece that was the mythological home of the muses.
Hippocrates - Ancient Greek physician. He is considered the Father of Medicine.
Horace - Latin - Of the hours.
Ignatius - Latin - Full of fire. This male dog can't contain his passionate nature.
Isidore - Greek - A gift from Isis.
Jason - Greek - A healer.
Justin - Latin - An upright, moral man. This boy dog delights in doing good.
Kallinos - An ancient Greek lyricist.
Leander - Greek - One who is as brave as a lion.
Linus - Greek - A person with flaxen hair. An appropriate name for your fair-haired dog.
Lucius - Latin - A bringer of light. This dog brightens any room that he enters.
Magnus - Latin - The great one.
Major - Latin - Greater.
Marcel - Latin - Little fighter. A great name for any fiesty, small breed of dog.
Mario - Latin - Martial.
Maximilian or Max - Latin - The greatest or excellence.
Menelaus - A king of Sparta and Helen of Troy's husband.
Miles - Latin - Fighter.
Milo - Latin - A worker at the grain mill.
Nicosia - The capital of the island of Cyprus.
Nigel - Latin - The dark knight. A wonderful name for your solid-black guard dog.
Octavius - Latin - The 8th born child.
Orestes - Greek - A man who comes from the mountain.
Orson - Latin - The courage of a bear.
Otis - Greek - A person with great hearing.
Owen - Greek - High born. A great name for the dog that comes from pure blood lines.
Pathos - "I'm always feeling sorry for myself."
Pericles - An ancient Greek statesman.
Philo - Greek - Gentle. This dog wouldn't hurt a fly.
Proctor - Latin - Governor.
Quentin - Latin - 5th.
Rex - Latin - The king. A name for the pet dog that considers himself the master of his domain.
Rufus - Latin - A red-haired person. A fantastic name for your Irish setter dog.
Sebastian - Latin - A much revered person.
Serge - Latin - An attendant. This dog loves to fetch.
Socrates - Ancient Greek philosopher and teacher who sought truth and goodness.
Stacy - Greek - Resurrection. An excellent name for any dog that you've rescued.
Sylvester - Latin - Of the forest.
Terence - Latin - Smooth.
Thaddeus - Greek - Brave. This male dog will never back down.
Theodore - Greek - A gift from God. You feel like your pet dog is truly a blessing from God.
Thespis - Ancient Greek actor and playwrite. This dog knows how to put on a show.
Titus - Greek - Of the giants. A good name for any large-breed of dog.
Tyrone - Greek - A sovereign ruler.
Ulysses - A king of Ithaca and brave warrior who fought in the Trojan War.
Urban - Latin - The city dweller. The country is no place for this dog.
Valerian - Latin - A strong and powerful person. This dog is very intimidating to the other animals.
Varian - Latin - Variable.
Vernon - Latin - A person who is youthful and spring-like. This boy dog may never grow up.
Victor - Latin - The one who conquers.
Vincent - Latin - Another one who conquers.
Vitus - Latin - One who is alive and vital.
Xenos - Greek - A stranger or guest.
Xylon - Greek - One who comes from the forest.
Zale - Greek - Sea-strength. A fantastic name for your water-loving dog.
Zeno - The ancient Greek philosopher who founded stoicism. This dog doesn't wear his emotions on his sleeve.