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Male Dog Names Based On Characteristics or Traits

Abbot - The chief of an abbey or monastery. This male dog prefers peaceful and secluded areas.
Aegis - A protective shield. This dog is your faithful protector.
Alexander - A Macedonian king and world conqueror. This pet dog loves to divide and conquer any territory.
Bandit - "I just made off with the neighbor's kitten."
Banjo - He's your favorite little banjo boy. This name sent in by Lori and her special Boxer dog.
Bantam - A small, spirited fighter.
Bear - This dog is big, round, and cuddly.
Bengal - "My brindle coat looks just like a tiger's."
Bishop - "I always stalk my prey diagonally."
Blackjack - "I plan on living to the age of 21."
Blitz - This dog comes at you from all angles.
Blizzard - A forceful, solid-white dog.
Blue - Old faithful. You could set your watch by this boy dog and never be late.
Boo - "I sometimes bump into things in the house at night."
Boogie - "I could have danced all night."
Bronco - This boy dog can't be tamed.
Bruiser - "I love the smell of a good dog-fight in the morning."
Buck - The prototypical male dog.
Capricorn - The 10th zodiac sign - a goat. If your dog resembles a goat, then this is the perfect name.
Carmine - Latin - Crimson. A great name for your deep-red-colored dog.
Chance - You took a risk by adopting this boy dog.
Chaos - "I'm always in a state of disorder."
Charcoal - This black dog is always close at hand when you barbecue.
Chopin - A boy dog that's very agile, with tons of ability.
Cobalt - Another good name for your blue-eyed boy dog.
Codger - "Some people say that I'm set in my ways."
Cody - This pet dog is perfectly suited for frontier life.
Colt - The dog who is rough and ready on the dusty trail.
Coon - An appropriate name for the gray-colored dog that resembles a raccoon.
Cotton - "It ain't easy being the fabric of your life."
Cupid - A good name for the boy dog adopted on Valentine's day.
Demon - "My intentions are not always the best."
Deuce - "I'm sometimes wild."
Digger - "I don't know why I have the urge to bury things."
Digits - This boy dog can count to ten on his paws.
Dino - Your little furry dinosaur-dog.
Dizzy - "I love to run in circles - chasing my tail."
Doc - What's up - with your dog's bedside manners?
Drake - A male duck. This name would go well with your water loving breed of dog.
Dumbo - "I believe I can fly, these big ears have gotta be good for something."
Dusty - He's not the neatest dog in the world.
Dutch - This boy dog will make you pay for everything.
Eagle - This pet dog's vision and hunting skills remind you of an eagle.
Eddy - A current of water which spins against the main current. This pet always seems to do the opposite of what you expect him to do.
Edge - "I have the sharpest senses of any dog on the block."
Electric - This boy dog is always wired.
Elmo - A wonderful name for the dog with red-shag-carpet hair.
Encore - "You're always asking me to repeat the same trick."
Fangs - This name makes even the tiniest dog seem fearsome.
Fargo - Prefers the far-off isolated places.
Fats - A big, jowelly bull-dog.
Felony - "I delight in doing puppy no-no's."
Fiddler - "I just can't seem to mind my own business."
Fisher - This dog loves the water and sometimes catches a fish or two.
Flavour - "You'll remember me long after I'm gone."
Flea - "I'm named for my most ardent admirers."
Fleck - A solid colored dog with only a few spots of contrasting colors.
Foggy - "I sometimes appear dazed and confused."
Folly - "My decisions are not always wise."
Fortune - "Aren't you lucky that I'm your puppy?"
Fox - This boy dog is attractive in a cunning sort of way.
Fracas - This canine just loves a good fight.
Frosty - He loves to sled in the snow on his belly.
Fury - "I will defend my territory with a vengeance."
Galaxy - "I'm a thousand stars all rolled up into one dog."
Gator - This boy dog can fit a lot of frisbees or bones in his big mouth.
Gecko - "I'm a fabulous climber who has been known to hunt an insect or two."
Georgie - Curiosity always get the better of this dog.
Goblin - A scary-little-monster dog.
Guru - "Stick with me, and I'll teach you the ways of a canine."
Havoc - "Destruction of furniture is my passion."
Hawkeye - This boy dog notices everything.
Hellion - "Trouble is my middle name."
Hocus - "Now you see me, now you don't."
Hombre - "I'm one rough, tough dog."
Hot Dog - "Yeah, I'm just a show-off."
Houdini - "Do you really think that leash can hold me?"
Hunter - "Although I can fend for myself, please feed me twice a day."
Iceman - "No matter what happens, I will keep my cool."
Idol - "My masters are in awe of me."
Idyll - This boy dog is the perfect additon to any scene.
Jester - The professional fool. You can't help but laugh while observing this dog.
Jet - "I was built for speed, man."
Jingo - One who favors war at all costs.
Joker - A boy dog that always gives you a sidesplitting good time.
Jungle - "I could probably survive in the wild...for about 24 hrs."
Kamikaze - "I sometimes throw caution to the wind, when chasing my tail."
Kermit - This pet dog has issues with the pitch of his singing voice.
Kolinsky - An Asian weasel with beautiful golden-brown fur.
Lacrosse - "I love playing with sticks and nets."
Ladle - "I often use my big ol' paws to scoop fish out of the aquarium."
Lantern - "I'm so orange, you often wonder if I would glow in the dark."
Legion - "I have a multitude of personalities."
Leo - A good name for a Pomeranian or Chow dog that greatly resembles a lion.
Lucky - This boy dog feels fortunate to find a master such as you.
Luger - "Ain't I a pistol?"
Lunar - "I will one day be the first canine on the moon."
Did you know?
The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog in the world. It can weigh as little as 1 lb (1/2 kilo).
Macabre - A good name for the dog who brings bird or mouse corpses to your back door.
Machismo - "I am all DOG."
Madcap - "I'm always going off on crazy pet adventures."
Magic - This boy dog will dazzle you with his ball-handling skills.
Magnate - "I am a marvel of canine industry."
Magneto - "My puppy charm is an irresistible force."
Magnum - "I am the ultimate peace-maker."
Mantis - A fabulous name for the pet with long, slender legs.
Maverick - This dog doesn't ever follow the status quo.
Monk - You won't feel guilty leaving this pet home alone.
Monkey - "I can do tricks you don't normally associate with a mere canine."
Moose - A big Boxer, Mastiff, or Great Dane.
Morris - An appropriate name for the orange dog that resembles Morris the cat.
Nickel - Your shiny, silver-haired dog would appreciate this name.
Nitro - A super-charged boy dog.
Outlaw - "I stay one step ahead of the law."
Panda - This black and white dog might remind you of a little panda bear.
Peppy - A dog with as much energy as nature will allow.
Phantom - This boy dog sometimes appears out of nowhere.
Picasso - A pet dog with abstract markings.
Pokey - "I take my time getting from point A to point B."
Porky - "I'm not fat, I'm just big-boned."
Quicksilver - Another name for mercury because of mercury's color and fast rate of flow.
Raccoon - A terrific name for your gray-colored dog.
Racer - A greyhound - or a dog who just looks like one.
Radar - "I will let you know when real or imaginary danger approaches."
Ranger - "I'm constantly patrolling the back yard."
Ransom - You sometimes wonder if you paid too much for your dog.
Rascal - This boy dog continually breaks the rules, but you love him anyway.
Raven - The perfect name for your black-haired dog.
Regal - "I carry myself with uncommon grace and dignity."
Regis - All hail the little king of all dogs.
Reverie - "My absolute favorite pastime is dog-napping!"
Rip - Your screen door doesn't stand a chance with this dog around.
River - This boy dog just loves to play in the water.
Rocket - "Be careful, I can outrun you to the front door."
Rookie - "Learning to be a dog isn't always easy."
Rooster - "I'm a big, bad chicken."
Rush - "I give you a big jolt of energy every day."
Rusty - "My real name is Oxidation, but you can call me Rusty."
Sailor - This boy dog loves to go sailing with you.
Scooter - An extremely quick little dog.
Scout - "I'll go out ahead and look for the enemy."
Scrappy - This dog is a little ball of fire.
Seal - This pet has a brown, sleek coat.
Sentinel - "No prowler will survive in my domain."
Shadow - "I like to follow my master around, anywhere and everywhere."
Sharky - "I fancy myself the perfect predator. My prey? Burglars."
Shorty - "It ain't easy being vertically challenged."
Shotgun - This dog has quick, powerful bursts of energy.
Silver - He's your faithful companion on the dusty trail.
Sirius - The Dog Star.
Skeeter - This boy dog can sometimes be a real pest, but you love him anyway.
Skipper - "The sea beckons me. At least get me a wading pool."
Slash - "You sure don't wanna meet me in a dark alley."
Slim - This dog refuses to gain weight.
Snake - "Don't tread on my turf."
Snapper - This dog is a perky son of a gun.
Snuffy - "I sort of resemble a wooly mammoth."
Sparky - "I can always lift your spirits."
Spider - Sometimes you think this pet dog has extra legs.
Spike - This dog is your primary protector.
Spooky - The dog that goes bump in the night.
Sterling - This dog is of the most pure stock.
Stoney - "Rock-climbing is my passion."
Stormy - "I have a volatile personality."
Stud - "I'm the MAN."
Tabasco - "I'm a ball of canine fire."
Taurus - The 2nd zodiac sign - represented by a bull. A wonderful name for your bulldog.
Taz - This boy dog reminds you of a brown furry cyclone.
T-Bone - A dog that kind of resembles a cow.
Thorn - "I've been known to scratch the hand that feeds me."
Tiger - "Sometimes, I'm a ferocious little dog."
Tonka - Your tough little doggie.
Topper - "Anything you can do, I can do better."
Trapper - "Every now and then I like to catch mice and birds."
Treble - "I will always be a smart and loyal dog."
Tricky - "I will try almost anything to get more of those dog biscuits."
Trooper - "I patrol my yard 24 hours a day - 7 days a week."
Tuxedo - "I'm black and white and formal all over."
Urchin - A term for a naughty little child.
Vagabond - "I'm not the most responsible dog in the world."
Valiant - A prince of an animal who will dazzle you with his courage.
Vandal - Your sofa is never safe w/ this dog around.
Warlock - This boy dog cast a spell over you.
Warrior - "I'm a fierce defender of my turf."
Whiskers - A good name for any bearded breed of dog.
Whiskey - This boy dog is best in small doses.
Whistler - "I'm the best bird-huntin' dog you've ever seen."
Wicked - This dog takes pleasure in being bad.
Winter - A fantastic name for a long-haired dog that is most at home in the cold weather.
Wisdom - "My judgment is impeccable - for a puppy."
Wizard - "I'm an expert at making table scraps disappear."
Yoda - A little dog with bulging eyes, like a Pekingese.
Zebra - A good pet name for your black and white boy dog.