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Male Dog Names With an African or Arabic Influence

Abdul - Arabic - A servant of Allah. This male dog is a great example of God's creatures.
Addax - An African antelope.
Aden - Located in southern Arabia, it's now a part of Yemen.
Ahaggar - A large mountain range in Africa.
Ahmed or Ahmad - Arabic - The most praised. This boy dog is the pick of the litter.
Aleppo - The 2nd largest city in Syria.
Ali - Arabic - Lion of Allah.
Ammon - Egyptian - Something that is hidden. An appropriate name for the boy dog that won't always respond when called.
Anubis - An ancient Egyptian god with the head of a jackal. His responsibility was to judge a man's deeds after death.
Anwar - Anwar Sadat was the president of Egypt during the 1970's.
Atlas - A large mountain range in Africa.
Botswana - An African country.
Cairo - The capital of Egypt. An unusual name for your unusual dog.
Caliph - This used to be the title of some Muslim rulers. A great name for the boy dog that thinks he's the king of the house.
Cameroon - An African country.
Chad - An African country.
Congo - A large river in Africa.
Coptic - The orthodox Christian church of Egypt.
Cyrus - The founder of the Persian Empire. A fantastic name for your first dog.
Dagan - The Babylonian god of the earth. This boy dog loves the outdoors.
Dakar - The capital of Senegal, in Africa. It lies on the Atlantic Ocean.
Darius - An ancient Persian king. Another fantastic name for the boy dog that's the ruler of the house.
Emir - A title used in certain Moslem countries for noblemen and rulers.
Fakir - A Moslem or Hindu holy man who lives by begging. Some are capable of amazing feats of mind-over-body.
Fellah - Arabic - A farm-hand. A good pet name for the boy dog that's raised on a farm.
Fez - A city in Morocco. Also the name of a red felt hat with a long black tassel.
Gabon - A country on the west coast of Africa. It's small and full of forests.
Gazelle - A great name for the boy dog that's very fast and graceful.
Ghana - A country in western Africa, along the Gold Coast.
Hamal - Arabic - A lamb. As gentle as any boy dog ever gets.
Hammurabi - Ancient king of Babylon. He developed one of the 1st codes of law in history.
Hannibal - The famous Carthaginian general and statesman. This boy dog is a natural leader.
Ibadan - A large city in Nigeria.
Ibn Saud - He formed the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Ibrahim - Arabic - Father of many nations.
Jamal - Arabic - The very handsome one. A wonderful name for any pure-bred boy dog.
Jidda - A seaport in Saudi Arabia located on the Red Sea.
Jordan - A country located just east of Israel.
Kabul - The capital of Afghanistan.
Kalahari - One of the great deserts of Africa.
Kalil - Arabic - A valued and trusted friend. This boy dog will never let you down.
Kareem - Arabic - One who is very noble and distinguished.
Kariba - One of the great lakes of Africa.
Karnak - An Egyptian village on the Nile. Site of ancient stone temples dedicated to the gods.
Kedar - Arabic - A mighty and powerful person. A great name for any large, strong breed of dog.
Kenya - A country in eastern Africa. It lies on the Indian Ocean.
Khufu - An ancient king of Egypt. He built and is entombed in the Great Pyramid at Giza. A fantastic name for the boy dog that comes from champion blood lines.
Kobo - A Nigerian monetary unit.
Latakia - The chief seaport of Syria.
Likuta - A monetary unit of Zaire.
Mecca - The birthplace of Mohammed. You hold this boy dog as sacred.
Medina - A city in Saudi Arabia. It's the site of Mohammed's tomb.
Mohammed - The Arabian prophet who founded the Moslem religion.
Namib - One of the great deserts of Africa.
Nasser - A former prime minister and president of Egypt.
Nechos - A pharaoh of ancient Egypt.
Niger - A river and country in Africa.
Nile - The longest river on Earth. It helped form the Egyptian civilization.
Nomad - "They call me the wanderer, yeah the wanderer."
Nyasa - One of the great lakes of Africa.
Oman - A country located on the Arabian Sea.
Omar - Arabic - The most high follower of the Prophet.
Pharaoh - An ancient title for the kings of Egypt. This boy dog commands respect.
Ramses - A name for many ancient Egyptian kings. This dog reigns supreme.
Rudolf - One of the great lakes of Africa.
Sahara - The name of the world's largest desert. It is located in northern Africa. A wonderful name for your sandy-colored boy dog.
Salaam - Islam - Peace. This pet dog will tolerate no discord in his household.
Saleem - Arabic - A term for peace. You'll never catch this boy dog anywhere near a fight.
Saracen - A name used for the invading Moslems in the middle-ages.
Sargon - An ancient Assyrian king.
Sharif - Arabic - An honest and noble person. This boy dog doesn't know how to tell a lie.
Sheik - Islam - A very respected man.
Sphinx - An ancient Egyptian statue that has the head of a man and a lion's body.
Stanley - One of the largest waterfalls in Africa.
Sultan - "The ruler of his domain."
Did you know?
The first 4 months of a dog's life is known as the Imprinting Phase. Much of a dog's personality and social skills are learned during this period of time.
Tibesti - A large mountain range in Africa.
Togo - A country in Africa.
Tugela - One of the largest waterfalls in Africa.
Voodoo - "I'm your favorite good-luck charm."
Xerxes - A king of Persia, nicknamed the great.
Zambezi - The 4th largest river in Africa.
Xavier - Arabic - Bright.
Zoroaster - The ancient Persian prophet who founded the religion - Zoroastrianism.
Zoser - A king of ancient Egypt.