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Girl Dog Names - Plants and Flowers

Aster - A plant with flowers resembling a daisy.
Begonia - A household plant with very showy flowers. This girl dog is a beautiful addition to your home.
Cassia - A large group of plants which grow in tropical climates.
Dahlia - A very showy flower of a girl.
Daisy - This would be an appropriate name for your white and gold-colored dog.
Fern - "I'm equally comfortable inside or outside, but please give me some shade."
Fleur - French - Flower.
Flora - Roman Mythology - The goddess of flowers. This girl dog reigns supreme in the garden.
Freesia - A beautiful type of iris native to South Africa.
Gardenia - A white girl dog who reminds you of a beautiful, fragrant flower.
Garland - "I am a winner."
Gherkin - A type of cucumber with really small fruit. An appropriate name for any toy breed of dog.
Holly - This girl dog is your everyday reminder of Christmas.
Ivy - This dog seems to be taking over your yard.
Jacinta - Spanish - A hyacinth plant.
Jasmine - A white, red or yellow flower with a wonderful fragrance.
Jonquil - A type of narcissus plant with long slender leaves and small white or yellow flowers.
Juniper - An evergreen shrub or tree with berrylike cones.
Kumquat - A little orange fruit that grows on a tree of the same name. A superb name for your little orange colored dog.
Lala - Slavic - A tulip.
Liana - A tropical vine which grows up and around trees.
Lily - A great name for the long-legged, beauty of a dog.
Lotus - A tropical water-lily. The perfect name for any water-loving dog.
Did you know?
A dog is born blind and remains blind for 10 - 14 days after birth.
Mango - "I'm a yellow or red puppy who is sweet and spicy."
Nectar - A liquid found in some flowers which bees use to make honey. This girl dog is naturally sweet.
Olive - A fantastic name for your solid-black dog who resembles a ripe olive.
Orchid - "My beauty is prized the world-over."
Palmetto - A type of palm, abundant in the SE United States, with fan-shaped leaves.
Pansy - "I'm your favorite little-bitty-puppy flower."
Papaya - A tropical melon-like fruit that is yellowish-orange.
Petunia - A good name for the girl dog that resembles the cartoon pig.
Posey - You can find this pet dog romping in the flower garden.
Radish - "I'm the root of this spicy household."
Raffia - A fiber used in basket-weaving which comes from a certain palm tree. This girl dog enjoys being carried around in a basket.
Rattan - A climbing type of palm which is used to make canes or wicker-work.
Reseda - A fragrant flower of the mignonette plant.
Rhubarb - "I'm your favorite sweetie-pie."
Rose - This beautiful girl dog has a wonderful fragrance, but sometimes bites.
Rosemary - "I consider myself the most fragrant of all your pets."
Saffron - Expensive, orange-yellow colored spice. A wonderful name for your orange puppy dog.
Sweet Pea - "I'm your dear little-girl doggie."
Tangerine - Your reddish-orange dog would fit this name to a tee.
Tapioca - This girl dog has a coat as smooth as pudding.
Tiger Lily - A dog that is colored orange and black.
Tulip - "I love to walk on my tiptoes."
Valerian - A garden plant with small white or pink flowers.
Vanilla - The second most expensive spice. This solid-white dog cost you plenty.
Yucca - A popular garden shrub with pointed, needle-like leaves.