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Girl Dog Names - Literature and Mythology

Agatha - "I'm a real page turner." This girl dog has a certain air of mystery.
Alice - "Things keep getting 'curioser' and 'curioser.'"
Ambrosia - Greek and Roman Mythology - The food of the gods.
Andromeda - Greek Mythology - An Ethiopian princess rescued and then married to Perseus.
Annie - Your adopted, orange-colored, orphan-girl dog.
Aphrodite - Greek Mythology - The goddess of love and beauty. She's every boy dog's object of desire.
Artemis - Greek Mythology - The goddess of the moon and hunting. A great name for the girl dog that seems to come alive at night.
Athena - Greek Mythology - Goddess of wisdom. The other dogs come to her for advice.
Aurora or Rory - Roman Mythology - Goddess of the dawn. This dog's barking begins at sunrise.
Beauty - A lovely, solid-black dog.
Calliope or Callie - Greek Mythology - One of the nine Muses. She was the Muse of epic poetry.
Calypso - According to Greek Mythology, Odysseus stayed on this sea nymph's island for 7 years.
Carrie - "I'm your lovably telekinetic dog." This is the title character of a Stephen King novel.
Cassandra or Cassie - Greek Mythology - Prophetess whom noone believed.
Christine - This female dog can quickly turn evil towards any prowler.
Damsel - A very old poetic term for a maiden.
Danae - Greek Mythology - Mother of Perseus.
Desdemona - Othello's wife in the Shakespearean tragedy. Mad with jealousy over Desdemona, Othello kills himself. This girl dog inspires irrational devotion.
Dido - Ancient legend has her being the founder and queen of Carthage. A girl dog that carries much ambition and power.
Dionne - Greek Mythology - The mother of Aphrodite.
Drama - This dog is always on stage.
Electra - Greek Mythology - The daughter of Agamemnon. She helped avenge his death.
Elf - "I'm your little-bitty mischievous puppy."
Emma - The title of a book by the great English novelist Jane Austen.
Eos - Greek Mythology - The goddess of dawn. This dog likes to bark as soon as the roosters begin to crow.
Eurydice - Greek Mythology - The wife of Orpheus, the musician.
Europa - Greek Mythology - A Phoenician princess whom Zeus loved. She bore him 3 sons.
Evangeline - The title of a famous long-narrative poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Fairy - This little girl dog always captures your imagination.
Fauna - Roman Mythology - The goddess of fields and flocks.
Flora - Roman Mythology - The goddess of flowers.
Freya - Norse Mythology - The goddess of love.
Friday - "I'm your right-hand dog."
Genie - "Your wish is my command."
Goddess - "My charm and beauty are irresistible to ANY and ALL animals."
Gretel - The famous girl from the fairy tale. She and her brother Hansel were almost shoved in an oven by a wicked witch who lived in a house made of candy.
Hebe - Greek Mythology - The goddess of youth.
Hecuba - Greek Mythology - She was the second wife of King Priam of Troy and mother of Hector, Paris and Cassandra.
Helen - Greek Mythology - Helen of Troy was the most beautiful woman in the world. The Trojan War was started over her. You've never seen a girl dog as beautiful as she.
Hera - Greek Mythology - The wife of Zeus and queen of Heaven. This girl dog carries much power.
Iliad - "The Iliad" is the oldest surviving Greek work of poetry. It concerns the last year of the Trojan War.
Innin - Sumerian Mythology - The mother goddess.
Ino - Roman Mythology - The daughter of Cadmus. She leapt into the sea with her son to escape her mad husband. She and her son were then turned into divine sea creatures.
Io - Roman Mythology - She was much loved by Jupiter.
Irene - Greek Mythology - The goddess of peace. A girl dog that shys away from any fight.
Iris - Greek Mythology - She was a messenger of the gods and was represented by the rainbow. Your many-colored pet dog would apppreciate this name.
Ishtar - The chief goddess of the ancient Babylonians and Assyrians.
Isis - The chief goddess of the ancient Egyptians.
Jane - "I have no use for Tarzan anymore."
Jocasta - Roman Mythology - The mother and wife of Oedipus.
Juliet - This girl dog cannot contain her passionate nature.
Juno - Roman Mythology - The wife of Jupiter and queen of the gods.
Did you know?
Dogs cannot see as well as man.
Kairos - Roman Mythology - She was Jupiter's youngest daughter.
Kali - The Hindu goddess who both destroyed life and gave life.
Kama - The Hindu god of love. A good name for the dog that you adopt on Valentine's day.
Lachesis - Greek Mythology - One of the 3 fates. This one was believed to control the length of your life.
Latona - Roman Mythology - The mother of Apollo and Diana.
Leda - Greek Mythology - Helen of Troy's mother.
Lethe - Greek Mythology - The river that flowed through Hades. Its waters caused forgetfulness in those who drank it.
Lorelai - A high cliff on the Rhine where, according to German legend, a wicked nymph lures ships to wreck with her singing.
Louise or Louisa - She's your favorite little-woman dog.
Medea - Greek Mythology - She is the sorceress who helped Jason win the golden fleece.
Medusa - Greek Mythology - She was one of the 3 Gorgons. They were terribly ugly and had wriggling snakes for hair.
Minerva - Roman Mythology - She was Jupiter's favorite child.
Munchkin - "Follow the yellow brick road."
Naiad - Greek Mythology - The nymphs who gave birth to springs, rivers, streams and other bodies of water. Another fantastic name for your water-loving breed of dog.
Nemesis - Greek Mythology - The goddess of retribution. This girl dog never turns the other cheek.
Niobe - Greek Mythology - Queen of Thebes who was turned into a weeping stone.
Nymph - A group of nature goddesses found in rivers, streams, hills, woods, forests, etc. This pet dog absolutely loves the outdoors.
Pallas - Greek Mythology - The goddess of wisdom - Also called Athena. Other dogs turn to this girl for advice.
Pandora - Greek Mythology - She was the first mortal woman. Out of curiosity, she opened a box that unleased all the evil into the world. This girl dog sometimes acts before thinking.
Penelope - Greek Mythology - The wife of Odysseus. She was a weaver.
Pleiades - Greek Mythology - The 7 daughters of Atlas who were transformed into stars by Zeus.
Pomona - Roman Mythology - The goddess of fruit-bearing trees. This girl dog is very fertile.
Rapunzel - This pet dog has the best head of hair on the block.
Raven - A solid-black dog who rather enjoys poetry.
Scarlett - The main female character in "Gone With the Wind."
Selena - Greek Mythology - The goddess of the moon. This dog loves to howl at the moon.
Sheena - This pet dog is the Queen of the jungle.
Thalia - Greek Mythology - The muse of comedy. This dog delights in tickling your funny-bone.
Thora - A feminine form of Thor (the Norse god of thunder). Your very large and powerful dog would appreciate this name.
Titania - The queen of fairyland in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream." An excellent name for any toy-breed of dog.
Tinkerbell - Your little-bitty fairy dog.
Urania - Greek Mythology - The muse of astronomy. For the pet dog that loves to gaze at the heavens.
Valkyrie - Norse Mythology - The goddesses who hovered over battlefields. They escorted hero's souls to Valhalla.
Venus - Roman Mythology - The goddess of love and beauty. The other girl dogs turn to her for beauty tips.
Verona - An Italian city. It provides the setting for "Romeo and Juliet."
Vesta - Roman Mythology - The goddess of the home. This girl dog reigns supreme.