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Girl Dog Names - Indian, Oriental, and Pacific

Adelaide - A city in southern Australia.
Aditi - Hindu - Liberty. This girl dog doesn't much care for discipline.
Alanna - Hawaiian - Of the sky.
Aloha - Hawaiian - Hello and good-bye.
Asia - A great Oriental dog-breed name.
Cathay - The name Europeans used for China in the Middle Ages. An appropriate name for your Oriental breed of dog.
Chandra - Hindu - Of the night. This girl dog is at her best in the evening.
Cheyenne - A member of a tribe of Indians originally from Minnesota. Also the capital of Wyoming.
China - "I'm as delicate as fine porcelain."
Dakota - A tribe of American Indians which inhabited the northern plains.
Deva - Hindi - Goddess of the moon. This dog loves to howl at night.
Dharma - Hindu and Buddhist - The cosmic order or law. This girl dog keeps everything in its proper place.
Empress - "I rule this household with an iron paw."
Fiji - A group of islands which form a country in the South Pacific, north of New Zealand.
Geisha - A Japanese girl trained to sing, dance and entertain the opposite sex. Your Akita dog would love this name.
Gypsy - She's your exotic, eager traveling-buddy dog.
Haiku - A Japanese poem consisting of 3 lines and 17 syllables. A splendid name for your Oriental breed of dog.
Hindi - The official language of India.
Honshu - The largest island of Japan. A good name for your Akita dog.
Hoshi - Japanese - Shining star. This girl dog stands out in a pack.
Inca - A tribe of Indians which developed a highly civilized Empire in South America, until conquered by the Spanish.
India - A great name for your Asian breed of dog.
Indira - Indira Gandhi was the 1st woman prime minister of India. This girl dog is very powerful indeed.
Jade - A beautiful green jewel of the Orient. Your Oriental breed of dog would love this name.
Jumna - A river in India that flows out of the Himalayas.
Kala - Hindu - Dark. A great name for any solid-black dog.
Kama - The Hindu god of love. A good name for the dog that you adopt on Valentine's day.
Kameko - Japanese - Child of the tortoise. This girl dog is never in a hurry.
Karachi - A major port in Pakistan.
Katmandu - The capital of Nepal. An unusual name for your unusual dog.
Kimono - An Oriental breed of dog that has fur as smooth as silk.
Kiwi - "My heart lies in New Zealand."
Kona - Hawaiian - A woman.
Kyoto - A city on the Honshu island of Japan. Your Akita dog would like to have this pet name.
Lalita - Sanskrit - Pleasing or delightful.
Lanai - An island in the Hawaiian-island chain.
Lani - Hawaiian - The sky. This girl dog loves the outdoors.
Laos - A country in southeast Asia that lies on the western border of Vietnam.
Leilani - Hawaiian - Heavenly flower.
Luzon - The main island of the Philippines.
Madras - A port city on the southeastern coast of India.
Matilda - "I'm an Aussie at heart, and I really love to waltz."
Maui - The 2nd largest island of the Hawaiian chain.
Maya - A tribe of Indians who lived in Mexico and Central America. They had a well developed civilization.
Maylea - Hawaiian - Flower.
Nagoya - A port in southern Honshu, Japan.
Nepal - A mountainous kingdom in the Himalayas. Mount Everest stands in this country. A great name for your Asian breed of dog.
Nippon - The Japanese term for Japan. An appropriate name for your oriental breed of dog.
Nita - Choctaw Indian - Bear cub.
Nokomis - Cherokee Indian - Elder woman.
Did you know?
Small dogs usually have better hearing than large dogs.
Oahu - The island that contains the capital of Hawaii - Honolulu.
Oceania - Another name for the many thousands of islands that lie all across the Pacific Ocean.
Onawa - Native American - One who is wide-awake. This dog will never sleep on the job.
Oneida - Native American - Eagerly desired. You waited a long time to get this dog.
Orenda - Iroquois Indian - One having magical powers. This girl dog moves in mysterious ways.
Origami - "I'm an Oriental breed of dog that can curl myself into many fascinating shapes."
Osaka - The 2nd largest city in Japan. Another great pet name for your Akita dog.
Paanga - A monetary unit of Tonga.
Paisa - A monetary unit in India.
Pocahontas - The legendary Indian princess. This girl dog thinks that she's royalty.
Quechua - A South American Indian tribe which thrived during the Incan Empire.
Rani - Hindu - The wife of the prince. This girl dog is a very important canine.
Rupee - A monetary unit of India.
Sake - An alcoholic drink made of fermented rice. It's a Japanese specialty. This name might make sense for your Oriental breed of dog.
Sari - A type of clothing worn by women of India.
Shawnee - A North American Indian.
Tahiti - One of the Society Islands in the South Pacific.
Tallulah - Choctaw Indian - Leaping water. A fantastic name for any water-loving breed of dog.
Tamiko - Japanese - Represents the people. A great name for your Akita dog.
Veda - A Hindu book of knowledge.
Vedanta - A philosophy based on the Hindu Vedas.
Wahine - A Hawaiian woman. Your aloha puppy.
Waikiki - Probably the best known beach in Hawaii. It's located in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Wenona - American Indian - The 1st born or eldest daughter. A terrific name for your 1st born girl dog.
Yalu - An Asian river that flows into the Yellow Sea.
Yang - Chinese - The sun. This dog just loves to sun-bathe.
Yangtze - A river that flows through China, Tibet and then into the Yellow Sea. It's the 3rd longest river on Earth.
Yen - Chinese - A craving or desire. This girl dog is always begging.
Yoko - Musician John Lennon's widow. Another good pet name for your Oriental breed of dog.