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Girl Dog Names - Greek and Latin

Acacia - Greek - Innocent and honest. This girl dog will find it hard to tell a lie.
Adonia - Greek- The feminine form of Adonis, which means beautiful.
Adoria - Latin- Has adorable qualities. You can't help but fall in love with this girl dog.
Agatha - Greek - One who has good qualities. This girl dog is the pick of the litter.
Agnes - Greek - One who is chaste or pure.
Albinia - Latin - White.
Alesia - Greek - An assistant. This little girl dog will delight in helping out around the house.
Aleta - Greek - Traveler. This pet just loves to go places.
Alexandra or Alex - Greek - Protector of man. A great name for your guard dog.
Alpha - Greek - First letter of the Greek alphabet. A good name for your first girl dog.
Alta - Latin - The pinnacle. This girl is your top-dog.
Alva - Latin - Fair-haired.
Amanda or Mandy - Latin - Endearing. This dog does your heart good.
Anastasia - Greek - Resurrection. A great name for the dog that you rescued from an animal shelter.
Anatola - Greek - One from the east.
Annabel - Latin - One who is loved.
Annis - Greek - Complete or united. This girl dog will bring your family together.
Antonia - Latin - One who is priceless. This girl dog can't be bought and sold.
Ara - Latin - An altar. It is also a southern constellation of stars. This definition has been provided by Jennifer K. Thank You Jennifer.
Ardeen - Latin - Eager. This girl dog is enthusiastic about life.
Augusta - Latin - One who rules. This girl dog demands the royal treatment.
Astra - Greek - Star. This dog demands attention.
Barbara - Greek - An alien or foreigner.
Basilia - Greek - Royalty. This girl dog comes from champion blood lines.
Beatrice or Bea - Latin - Bringer of blessings. This girl dog gives more than she receives.
Beta - The second letter of the Greek alphabet. Would be appropriate for you second pet dog.
Brittany - Latin - One who comes from England. A good name for any English breed of dog.
Calandra - Greek - A little bird.
Calla - Greek - Lovely. Everyone enjoys seeing this girl dog.
Callista - Greek - Full of beauty. You can't find a single flaw on this girl dog.
Camilla - Latin - An attendant. This girl dog loves to help out around the house.
Candace - Greek - A radiant white.
Carita - Latin - Special friend.
Carmen - Latin - A song. This girl dog makes your heart sing.
Catherine or Cathy - Greek - One who is pure. A good name for the pure-bred dog.
Cecilia - Latin - Blind.
Celeste - Latin - Of heaven. This girl dog is truly a blessing from God.
Charissa - Greek - A caring person.
Charmaine - Greek - Happy. Sadness is not in this dog's vocabulary.
Chloe - Greek - Term meaning young, green plant. This dog will probably never grow up.
Clara - Latin - A shining leader.
Claudia - Latin - Mild tempered. A great name for any non-aggressive breed of dog.
Constance - Latin - Steadfast. This girl dog will never run away.
Cora - Greek - Virgin or maiden.
Cornelia - Latin - Feminine.
Cyrena - Greek - From Cyrene.
Cyrilla - Latin - A strong leader.
Dacia - Greek - One from Dacia.
Daria - Greek - A royal lady. A good name for the girl dog that comes from champion blood lines.
Deanna - Latin - Someone who is sacred.
Delia - Greek - Glittering.
Delta - The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. An appropriate name for your fourth pet dog.
Donata - Latin - A blessing or gift.
Dorothea - Greek - Gift from God. This girl dog is a true blessing.
Drusilla - Latin - A descendant of Drusus.
Erma - Latin - Princess. This girl dog demands the royal treatment.
Eudora - Greek - Humble and giving.
Eugenia - Greek - Royalty. A good name for the girl dog that comes from champion blood lines.
Faustina - Latin - Fortunate. This girl dog brings good luck.
Felicia or Felicity - Feminine forms of Felix, which is a Latin term for happy.
Feta - "I just love it when my masters give me this Greek cheese."
Fidella - Latin - Faithful. This girl dog will never run away.
Flavia - Latin - Fair haired.
Gamma - The third letter of the Greek alphabet. A good name for your third pet dog.
Georgia - Latin - A farmer.
Gillian - Latin - Soft hair.
Gloria - Latin - Glory. This dog will bring you countless praise.
Gratis - Latin - Free or no-charge. A good name for an adopted puppy.
Hedy - Greek - Peaceful. This girl dog gets along with all other animals.
Hellene - A name for a Greek person.
Hilary - Latin - Joyous. This girl dog can always lift your spirits.
Honorea - Latin - Honorable. This dog will never betray you.
Hosanna - Greek - Praise to God.
Hypatia - Greek - Greatest or highest.
Ignatia - Latin - Faithful and full of fire. This passionate dog will never dessert you.
Iliad - The "Iliad" is the oldest surviving Greek work of poetry. It concerns the last year of the Trojan War.
Ilium - Latin - Troy.
Imogene - This name is derived from Latin - meaning a likeness or visual impression.
Iona - A Greek term for violet.
Iota - This is the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet. It also means a very small quantity. A good name for the tiniest of girl dogs.
Jocelyn - Based on the Latin meaning of joyous and merry. A merry pet is she.
Julia - Latin - Full of youth. This puppy may never grow up.
Kappa - This is the 10th letter of the Greek alphabet.
Karen - Greek - Pure. This name would fit your solid-white dog very nicely.
Laconia - The home of the Spartans in ancient times.
Lambda - The 11th letter of the Greek alphabet.
Lara - The Latin meaning for this name is bright and famous. The Greek meaning is full of cheer.
Larena - Greek - Sea bird.
Larissa - Greek - A happy person. This girl dog refuses to be sad.
Laura or Lauren - Latin - A girl crowned with laurel leaves. This girl dog is a winner.
Laveda - Latin - One who is purified or cleansed. This dog rather enjoys bath-time.
Lavinia - Latin - Flawless. A good name for any pure breed of dog.
Leandra - Latin - Someone who is like a lioness. A great name for a canine that resembles a feline, such as a Pomeranian or Chow dog.
Lena - Latin - Enticing lady.
Letitia - Latin - One who brings happiness. This girl dog will always lift your spirits.
Lucerne - Latin - Circle of light. This dog brightens any room that she enters.
Lucy - Latin - Light bringer. This girl dog chases away the darkness.
Did you know?
A mongrel is a mixed dog that resembles no recognizable breed.
Mabel - Latin - Endearing.
Madonna - Latin - My lady.
Marcia - Latin - Of mars.
Margaret - Latin - A pearl.
Maria - Latin - Mary.
Marina - Latin - Comes from the sea.
Maxine - Latin - Superior or greatest. This girl dog comes from champion blood lines.
Megan - Greek - Famous one. This girl dog is a star.
Melinda - Greek - Soft and calm.
Melissa - Greek - Honey-bee.
Miranda - Latin - Admirable and wonderful.
Mona - Greek - One.
Monica - Latin - Adviser. You can tell this girl dog your biggest problems.
Myra - Latin - Great one. This girl dog may one day be a champion.
Natalie - Latin - A child born on Christmas day.
Neola - Greek - A youthful girl.
Nicole - Greek - A name meaning victory of the people.
Nidia - Latin - A shelter. This dog will shelter you from all intruders.
Nila - Latin - The Nile River.
Nola - Latin - A small bell. A wonderful name for any toy breed of dog.
Norma - Latin - A rule or precept. This girl dog really lays down the law.
Obelia - Greek - A pointed pillar. A wonderful pet name for the dog w/ pointed ears.
Octavia - Latin - Term for eighth.
Odele - Greek - A melodic song. A great name for the dog w/ a beautiful voice.
Odessa - Greek - An odyssey or long journey. You had to go through a lot to get this girl dog.
Olympia - Greek - From Mt. Olympus or Heaven. You feel that this dog is truly a gift from God.
Omega - This is the final letter of the Greek alphabet. This girl dog may be the last dog you'll ever own.
Ophelia - Greek - An assistant or helper. This dog always lends a helping paw.
Ora - Latin - Gold.
Orela - Latin - A divine announcement from the gods.
Paige - Greek and English - A very young child. You hope this dog will never grow up.
Palma - Latin - A palm tree.
Pamela or Pam - Greek - Honey. A fantastic name for your honey-colored cocker spaniel dog.
Panthea - Greek - All the gods.
Papyrus - A plant used by the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians as material for their documents.
Parthenia - Greek - A woman who is a virgin or a maiden. A great name for your spayed dog.
Patricia or Patty - Latin - A noble lady. This pet dog holds her head high.
Pelagia - Greek - One who comes out of the sea. A wonderful name for any water-loving dog.
Persis - Latin - A person who hails from Persia.
Petra - Latin - Rock. You can really count on this girl dog.
Philantha - Greek - One who loves flowers.
Philippa - Greek - One who loves horses.
Phoebe - Greek - She is brilliant and shining. This smart girl dog stands out in a crowd.
Portia - Latin - An offering.
Prima - Latin - First. A good name for your first girl dog.
Priscilla - Latin - Classic. This girl dog shows every trait of her breed.
Pyrena - Greek - Fire. This girl dog is full of passion.
Quintina - Latin - A term for 5th. A great dog pet name for the 5th born of the litter.
Regina - Latin - A queen. This dog seems to rule your household.
Reva - Latin - To bring back to health or life. A great pet name for the dog that you rescued.
Rhea - Greek - A flowing brook or stream.
Rhoda - Greek - Rose. This girl dog is a real beauty.
Riga - Latin - Laughter.
Saba - Greek - A form of Sheba (the queen of Sheba). This dog demands to be treated like a queen.
Sabina - Latin - A woman who comes from Sabine (ancient tribe of people living in Italy).
Sabrina - Latin - The border-line. This girl dog likes to test her boundaries.
Sage - Latin - Wise. Other animals come to her for advice.
Sappho - An ancient Greek poet.
Secunda - Latin - A term for 2nd. A good dog name for your 2nd pet.
Serena - Latin - A very peaceful person. Having this dog around takes away your stress.
Sidra - Latin - A child born of the stars.
Sonya - Greek - A wise counselor.
Sylvia - Latin - One who comes from the forest.
Tabitha - Greek - A gazelle. The name for an extremely graceful girl dog.
Tacita - Latin - Someone who is silent. This girl dog is unusually quiet.
Tecla - Greek - Heavenly fame.
Tertia - Latin - The 3rd. A great name for your 3rd dog.
Tessa - Greek - The 4th.
Thaddea - Greek - A very courageous person. This dog knows no fear.
Thalassa - Greek - From the sea. Another fantastic name for your water-loving dog.
Thea - Greek - Goddess.
Theda - Greek - A wonderful gift from God.
Thelma - Greek - An infant. This girl dog will always be your little baby.
Thera - Greek - Raw or wild. This dog doesn't tame easily.
Theta - The 8th letter of the Greek alphabet.
Thyra - Greek - Shield bearer. An excellent name for any guard dog.
Trista - Latin - Sadness. This girl dog cries a lot.
Ultima - Latin - The person who lives the farthest away.
Una - Latin - United and one. This pet helps to bring people in the house together.
Undine - Latin - Person who dwells in the waves. Another wonderful name for your water-loving dog.
Ursula - Latin - A female bear. This girl dog resembles a bear.
Valentina - Latin - One who is strong and vital. A good name for the dog that is adopted on Valentine's day.
Valonia - Latin - A person who hails from the dark valley.
Vanessa - Greek - A butterfly.
Vera - Latin - Truth. This girl dog cannot tell a lie.
Verna - Latin - The spring season. A great name for the dog that you adopt in the spring time.
Vespera - Latin - The evening star. This girl dog is at her best in the evening.
Virginia - Latin - A lady who is pure and virginal. Another appropriate name for your spayed dog.
Vita - Latin - Life.
Xenia - Greek - Very receptive and open. This dog is extremely easy to train.
Xylia - Greek - One who comes from the forest.
Yolanda - Greek - The violet flower.
Zea - Latin - A grain. A great name for the tiniest of dogs.
Zeta - The 6th letter of the Greek alphabet.
Zoe - Greek - Life.
Zona - Latin - A belt or girdle.