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Girl Dog Names - French and Italian

Adrienne - French - One who is dark. An excellent name for any black girl dog.
Alberta - French - A bright and noble person. A wonderful name for your distinguished pure-bred dog.
Allegra - Italian - Happy. This baby girl won't tolerate any sadness.
Allegro - A musical term meaning fast. This pet is all about speed.
Amy - French - Beloved. This girl dog is naturally lovable.
Andrea - A female form of Andre.
Aria - An operatic solo. This dog needs no back-up in her barking.
Ava - "I'm most comfortable in diamonds and pearls."
Belladonna - Italian - Beautiful lady.
Belle - French - An attractive woman or girl.
Berdine - French - One who is radiant.
Bernadette - French - One with great courage. A great name for your guard dog.
Bianca - Italian - White.
Bijou - Oui, Oui, a beautiful jewel of a dog.
Blanche - A French form of blanc, which means white. A fantastic name for your pure-white dog.
Bon-Bon - Your extremely sweet Poodle dog would adore this name.
Camille - French - A spotless virgin. An appropriate name for the dog that is spayed.
Capri - An Italian island in the Bay of Naples.
Cara - Italian - Special friend.
Catania - A port on the coast of Sicily.
Chanel - "I just can't contain my fantastic sense of style."
Charlotte - French - The little woman. This puppy thinks that she's all grown up.
Cherie - French - A sweetheart.
Christine - French - A Christian.
Clariece - French - Shining child. You're very proud of this puppy dog.
Claudia - "I'm a proud female dog who doesn't tolerate any foolishness."
Colette - French - Invading force.
Darlene - French - A sweetheart.
Desiree - French - Term for an object of desire.
Dominique - French - Person of God.
Donna - Italian - Lady. This girl dog has wonderful manners.
Drucilla, Dru - "I love everything Goth."
Eiffel - A fantastic name for your beautiful French Poodle dog.
Elan - French - Spirited and confident. Shy is not a word you would use to describe this dog.
Elba - A mountainous island off the coast of Italy. Napoleon was exiled here at one time.
Eleanor - French - Shining.
Estelle - French - A shining star.
Etna - The famous volcano in Sicily. This dog has a volatile personality.
Fay - French - Fairy. A good name for any small breed of dog.
Fifi - "French cooking is my passion."
Fleur - French - Flower.
Florence - A city in Italy called the city of flowers. A great center of Renaissance art.
Fresco - A method of painting with watercolors on fresh plaster.
Gemma - Italian - A gemstone. A good name for the dog with pretty eyes.
Genoa - The largest and busiest port in Italy. It was the birthplace of Christopher Columbus.
Germaine - French - Term for a German.
Gianna - Italian - God has blessed me.
Gina - "Fettuccini Alfredo is my favorite dish."
Gucci - "I'm the finest dog that money can buy."
Guida - Italian - Teacher.
Harriet - French - A home maker. This girl dog enjoys helping out around the house.
Jeannette - French - God is gracious.
Jocasta - Italian - Always happy. This girl dog never has a bad day.
Jolie - French - Beautiful.
Josephine - The wife of Napoleon Bonaparte.
Joyce - French - Joy.
Largo - A slow, stately passage of music.
Legato - A musical term meaning smooth, successive tones with no interruptions.
Leona - French - Resembles a lioness.
Did you know?
Most dogs have 2 coats of fur. The outer coat protects a dog from the elements (rain, snow, etc.) The undercoat keeps a dog warm.
Mademoiselle - French - An unmarried girl. This dog will probably remain single.
Malta - An island country south of Sicily.
Marcelle - French - Of mars.
Margot - French - A pearl.
Marne - A river in France. It's the largest branch of the Seine.
Novena - A period of devotions lasting for 9 days.
Odelia - French - Little and prosperous.
Papyrus - A plant used by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians as material for their documents.
Paris - "Come with me along the Champs-Elysées."
Parma - A city in northern Italy.
Parmesan - "I have a fondness for cheese-flavored treats."
Pia - Italian - One who greatly fears God.
Renee - French - Reborn.
Roma - Italian - Rome.
Rosette - French - A rose.
Sicily - An island off the coast of Italy.
Silvie - French - From the forest.
Soleil - "I long for the French Riviera."
Sophia - Italian - A wise counselor.
Tarantella - A fast, whirling Italian dance for a single couple. This dog just loves to dance.
Tempest - French - A violent storm or outburst. This dog isn't afraid to show aggression.
Tomasina - Italian - A twin.
Valerie - French - Powerful.
Vedette - Italian - One who serves as a guardian. This girl dog is your faithful protector.
Venice - A city in northern Italy that's built on many islands. It has canals in place of streets over much of its area.
Verona - An Italian city. It provides the setting for Romeo and Juliet. A fantastic name for your passionate dog.
Viva - "I'm constantly in need of praise."
Voila - All of a sudden, here she is.
Yvonne - French - An archer or the wood used for bows.