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Disney Girl Dog Names

Ariel - She'd like to be, under the sea. A great name for any water-loving girl dog.
Aurora - The proper name of Sleeping Beauty.
Bambi - The long, lean, sporty dog who has a stump for a tail.
Beauty - This dog appeals to all beasts.
Belle - Beauty's real name in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast."
Bo Peep - The little shepherd girl in Disney's "Toy Story." A fantastic name for any shepherd breed of dog.
Briar Rose - Sleeping Beauty's name while she hid out in the woods.
Bianca - The beautiful female mouse in Disney's "The Rescuers".
Cinderella - "Someday, my prince will come... to take me away from all this domesticated drudgery."
Cleo - The beautiful goldfish in Disney's "Pinocchio."
Cruella - The evil character in Disney's "101 Dalmatians."
Daisy - The object of Donald Duck's affection.
Fantasia - "I'm the fulfillment of all your pet fantasies."
Fauna - One of the good fairies in Disney's "Sleeping Beauty."
Flit - The hummingbird character in Disney's "Pocahontas."
Flora - One of the good fairies in Disney's "Sleeping Beauty."
Flower - The skunk character in Disney's "Bambi."
Jasmine - The beautiful princess in Disney's "Aladdin."
Joanna - The snake character in Disney's "The Rescuers."
Kiara - A lioness in Disney's "The Lion King."
Lady - "Disney made a movie in my honor."
Did you know?
Your dog's wild cousins include: wolves, coyotes, foxes, jackals, and dingoes.
Maleficent - The evil witch in Disney's "Sleeping Beauty."
Maid Marian - The lady fox in Disney's "Robin Hood."
Medusa - The mean lady character in Disney's "The Rescuers."
Merryweather - One of the good fairies in Disney's "Sleeping Beauty."
Minnie - The object of Mickey Mouse's affection.
Nakoma - An indian girl in Disney's "Pocahontas."
Penny - The little girl character in Disney's "The Rescuers."
PepperAnn - The title character of a popular Disney television show.
Perdita - The Mommy Dalmatian in Disney's "101 Dalmatians."
Perla - The lady mouse in Disney's "Cinderella."
Piglet - The perfect name for a dog that resembles a baby pig.
Pocahontas - The famous indian princess and title character of a Disney movie.
Queen - Snow White's evil stepmother.
Snow White - This pet name would fit a dark-haired beauty very well.
Tiger Lily - The indian chief's daughter in Disney's "Peter Pan."
Tinkerbell - This girl dog name would fit a very small breed of dog perfectly.
Wendy - The female lead in Disney's "Peter Pan."