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Girl Dog Names To Fit Characteristics Or Traits

Alabaster - A great name for your solid-white girl dog.
Alley - This dog has been known to hang out between buildings looking for left-overs.
Amber - An appropriate name for your brownish-yellow colored dog.
Amity - A term that means friendly relations. You couldn't meet a nicer girl dog.
April - A good name for the girl dog born in the month of April.
Aura - This girl dog has a special quality that surrounds her.
Autumn - This pet has the colouring of turning leaves.
Bessie - Old faithful. A dog who is always there when you need her.
Billie - She's a tomboy who gets hives at the sight of a dress.
Birdie - A Labrador retriever or Irish setter dog that loves to chase birds.
Blanche - A French form of blanc, which means white. Another great name for your solid-white dog.
Blaze - "All the boy dogs think I'm hot."
Bliss - This girl dog provides you with priceless joy and happiness.
Blondie - A fantastic name for your platinum blond Maltese dog.
Blossom - This girl dog reminds you of a beautiful flower.
Blueberry - The perfect name for your Blue-Heeler dog.
Bonito - A large, fast ocean fish.
Brooke - A super name for your water-loving Labrador retriever or Spaniel dog.
Brownie - Your little girl-scout pet.
Bubbles - This dog has a real bubbly personality.
Bunny - A white pet with pink skin like a bunny rabbit.
Butterfly - "You can find me frolicking amongst the flowers and the bushes."
Callie - A dog with calico colors.
Candy - "I'm your sweet, guilty pleasure dog."
Carat - "I'm worth my weight in diamonds, well almost."
Cashmere - "You'll never find an animal with softer fur than mine."
Catsup - "My name is sometimes spelled k.e.t.c.h.u.p.". A great name for your red irish setter dog.
Cauldron - "I'm a black dog who is right at home alongside a witch and her boiling cauldron."
Caviar - A pure-bred dog that cost you plenty.
Champagne - A tiny bubble of a girl who has fancy tastes.
Charisma - "My personality demands that other dogs follow me."
Charity - "I rely on your generosity for my survival."
Charmin - "I'm a plump and soft pet. But don't squeeze too tight."
Chastity - This name means chaste or pure. A good name for the dog who gets spayed at an early age.
Cherish or Cher - You will cling to and hold this dog very near to your heart.
Cherry - "I'm your perky cheerleader dog."
Chiffon - "I love it when you put ribbons and lace in my long hair."
Chocolate - Your oh-so-sweet brown, black or white pet.
Cinnamon - This little spice packs a mighty punch.
Citrine - A beautiful yellow-colored quartz.
Clover - A super adopted pet's name. She will consider herself to have great luck.
Coffee - A brown pet who is always alert.
Confetti - "I'm always the hit of the party."
Coral - The animal who loves scuba-diving.
Cricket - This dog has long legs and loves to jump.
Crystal - You're always seeing a different facet of this striking female dog.
Cuckoo - The asylum called, they're one dog short.
Cygnet - A term for a young swan. This girl dog is extremely graceful.
Dawn - "My barking usually begins at sunrise."
Destiny - "I was meant to be your dog - and you were meant to be my master."
Diamond - "I am both tough and beautiful."
Doe - This dog is as graceful as a deer.
Domino - A really good name for a black dog with a few white markings or vice-versa.
Downy - This pet has fur so soft that it reminds you of feathers.
Dumpling - Your little dough-girl pet.
Eartha - "My biggest pleasure in life is going outside and getting close to the soil."
Ebony - This solid black girl dog is simply gorgeous.
Echo - This girl dog reminds you of a previous pet.
Elixir - She's the perfect medicine for the blues.
Elsa - "I'm sometimes mistaken for the famous lioness."
Emerald - The name for a dog with beautiful, emerald-green eyes.
Eternity - "Can I be your pet forever?"
Facet - "Every side of me is simply beautiful."
Faith - "I'm a dog who will never let you down."
Fancy - This dog is a future best-of-show. She has all the bells and whistles.
Favor - You love this girl dog more than your other pets.
Fawn - This little girl resembles a baby deer.
Fetish - "I inspire irrational devotion."
Flicker - "I dance about like a flame."
Flipper - "I empathize with my fellow mammals."
Fluffy - "I was one of the original power-puff girls."
Fortuna - You lucked-out when you found this treasure of a dog.
Foxy - This sly female dog knows how to turn heads.
Freckles - A light-colored pet with freckles on her skin or coat.
Fuchsia - A reddish/purple color.
Gabby - "I absolutely love to bark."
Gale - "I'm capable of strong gusts of speed."
Galena - The chief mineral which makes up lead. A super name for any gray-colored dog.
Galley - "My all-time favorite room is the kitchen!"
Gallium - A soft, bluish-white or silver-white metal found all through the earth's crust.
Galoshes - "I have large paws that resemble galoshes."
Garbo - Greta Garbo is one of the most famous actresses in movie history. A great name for your drama-queen pet.
Garnet - An appropriate name for a red dog whose coloring resembles this gemstone.
Gazelle - "I have large, brown eyes and long, unbelievably graceful legs."
Gilda - This is a term which means coated in gold. A great name for your blonde-haired dog.
Ginger - A wonderful name for your reddish-brown dog such as a Cocker-Spaniel or Irish Setter.
Glitter - "I'm the brilliant star of this household."
Goldie - Formally she is Goldilocks, but around the house you can call her Goldie.
Gracie - This dog has beauty, charm and wonderful manners.
Gremlin - "I'm soft, cuddly and cute - until you add water.
Halley - "I enjoy howling at the night sky."
Halloween - "I'm a black dog who just loves to play trick-or-treat."
Harlequin - A wonderful name for your many-colored comical pet.
Harley - This rough and tough dog would be right at home hanging out with a motorcycle gang.
Harmony - Everything about this girl dog is in just the right proportion.
Harvest - "I'm a good farm-hand dog."
Haven - "My favorite place-of-safety is in your arms."
Hazel - She has beautiful brown eyes with a touch of green.
Henna - An outstanding name for a reddish-brown dog such as an Irish Setter or Cocker Spaniel.
Hershey - She's a sweet-natured, dark-haired pet.
Hocus - "I'm a black dog who just loves to cast spells."
Honey - "I'm golden-blonde and naturally-sweet.
Hope - "Depression doesn't stand a chance with me around."
Icicle - "I much prefer cold weather over hot weather."
Icky - "Baths make me feel yucky."
Illusion - "I'm capable of unbelievable dog tricks."
Impala - A good name for a reddish-brown dog with long legs and great leaping abilities.
Indigo - This would be a super name for your Blue Heeler dog.
Infinity - "I have an endless amount of beauty."
Inky - A wonderful name for your solid-black dog.
Intuit - "I sometimes understand without you having to say a word."
Ivory - A wonderful name for your solid-white dog.
Java - This girl dog is always there to perk you up.
Jewel - "I'm a beautiful addition to any setting."
Jinx - This girl dog certainly cast a spell on you.
Joy - "I'll turn that frown upside down."
Jubilee - "With me around, every day is a day of rejoicing."
Justine - "I fight for the rights of oppressed dogs everywhere."
Karma - You feel like powerful forces aligned to bring you and your pet together.
Kerry - Irish - A name meaning black. Your solid-black dog would love this name.
Khaki - A really good name for the pet with dull, yellowish-brown colors.
Kismet - "Fate brought me and my master together."
Kudos - "I deserve much praise for guarding the house."
Kumquat - A little orange fruit that grows on a tree of the same name. A superb name for your little orange doggie.
Lacey - "I look adorable in ribbons and lace."
Lambkin - The dog that reminds you of a little lamb.
Lanolin - "I'm the perfect ointment for your everyday problems."
Larva - "I seem to undergo a metamorphosis every day."
Lava - "I'm the color of melted volcanic rock."
Leona - The female version of Leo the zodiacal lion. Another great name for the dog that resembles a lion, such as a Chow.
Liberty - "I prefer to come and go as I please."
Licorice - The chewy candy that you either love or hate.
Lulu - "My metabolism is extremely slow."
Mahogany - A reddish-brown colored wood.
Maize - The color of ripe, yellow corn.
Mango - "I'm a yellow or red puppy who is sweet and spicy."
Marina - "I like to hang out at the dock and eat up any leftover bait."
Marla - "You probably can't afford me."
Marmalade - "I'm an orange dog who couldn't be any sweeter."
Meadow - A term for a piece of grassland near a stream. This dog just adores rolling around in the grass.
Midnight - This girl pet is as dark as the midnight sky.
Mimi - "I just love to scream. I can't help it."
Misty - "The early morning is my favorite time of day."
Nacre - Another word for mother-of-pearl.
Nana - A dog that reminds you of your dear granny.
Nanny - This dog is a mother to all - no matter the species.
Natal - "I sometimes act like I was born yesterday."
Neva - The Spanish term for snow, which would fit your solid white pet very nicely.
Noelle - "Every day is Christmas to me."
Nova - This is a star that suddenly becomes brighter and brighter. A good name for the girl dog who gets smarter with each passing day.
Nugget - Another great name for your golden-haired dog.
Nuzzle - "I just love to rub my nose against yours."
Oatmeal - The dog that is gray and kind of lumpy.
Obsession - A pet that is constantly on your mind.
Ochre - A pale, brownish-yellow color.
Olive - A possible name for your black dog who resembles a ripe olive.
Opal - A fantastic name for your milky-hued breed of dog.
Opera - "I'm a dramatic puppy who just loves to sing."
Oreo - A great name for your black and white Dalmatian dog.
Paddy - "I walk carefully on the pads of my feet."
Pajamas - "Some people think I'm wearing pajamas... my coat is so beautiful."
Pallid - An appropriate name for your solid-white dog.
Pamper - "You can't help yourself, you've just gotta pamper me."
Pantry - "I'm mesmerized by canned goods."
Papaya - A tropical melon-like fruit that is yellowish-orange.
Passion - "I do everything with the utmost enthusiasm."
Pastel - A good name for the pet who's colors consist of soft shades.
Peaches - "I'm a sweet and fuzzy girl dog."
Pearl - This pearly white girl is a rare jewel.
Peek-a-boo - "I seem to be just around every corner."
Piper - "You can pay me now or pay me later."
Pixie - An ittie-bittie yorkie or peek-a-poo dog.
Prudence - "I manage my dog biscuits wisely."
Quartz - A semi-precious stone which is found in both transparent and colored forms.
Ragdoll - This little puppy resembles a rag doll.
Raindrop - Your solid gray dog who resembles a rain cloud.
Rapunzel - This pet has the best head of hair on the block.
Raven - A black pet who rather enjoys poetry.
Relic - A puppy that might remind you of one of your former pets.
Remora - An ocean fish which uses a sucker to attach itself to a larger fish. It rides along eating whatever is left over from the larger fish.
Rhapsody - "I'm a pure delight to have around the house."
Ribbons - "My fur coat is exceedingly fancy."
Ritzy - A glamorous dog who demands to be boarded at only the finest kennels in the world.
Ruby - A wonderful name for your Irish-Setter dog.
Rumor - You sometimes can't believe this pet is for real.
Did you know?
The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog in the world. It can weigh as little as 1 lb (1/2 kilo).
Sable - "My coat is pure luxury."
Saffron - Expensive, orange-yellow colored spice. A wonderful name for your orange puppy dog.
Sage - Latin - Wise. Other animals come to her for advice.
Sapphire - Has very deep-blue eyes. Appropriate for your Siberian Husky dog.
Sashay - "I take my time going from point A to point B."
Satin - "My coat is very glossy and smooth."
Season - "Its always the right time for me."
Sepia - A very fitting name for your reddish-brown dog.
Sequin - A spangle used to decorate dresses, purses, scarves and other items.
Shasta - "I'm beautiful, but a volcano rages inside me."
Siren - "I'm irresistible to all male dogs."
Snickers - The dog that really satisfies her master.
Sofie - A name meaning wisdom. Other animals value this pet's advice.
Sonya - A name meaning One that has much wisdom. This dog's every action is carefully measured.
Spirit - "I'm happy to be your mascot."
Spot - "My master's creativity is sometimes questioned by others."
Spring - A great name for a dog that loves the water or one that is born during this season.
Starla - This dog is at her best when the sun goes down.
Starlet - "I'm an up-and-coming star."
Stormy - This dog can be ferocious at times.
Sugar - "Life ain't so bland with me around."
Summer - "I'm at my best when the days are longest."
Sunny - This animal will make you happy when skies are gray.
Swan - The most graceful dog in the world.
Sybil - "Please excuse my multiple personalities."
Tabby - A good name for the dog with a brindle coat.
Taboo - "I sometimes do things puppy's should never do."
Taffy - "Happiness is a good chew-toy."
Tangerine - Your reddish-orange dog would fit this name to a tee.
Tapestry - "My coat is a rich variety of patterns and colors."
Tapioca - This dog has a coat as smooth as pudding.
Tassel - "I love playing with any hanging strings I can find."
Tawny - This name means brownish-yellow or tan. Your blonde-haired dog would adore this name.
Thimble - A really good name for a dog belonging to a seamstress or tailor.
Thistle - "My nails can be mighty prickly at times."
Tiara - A great name for your best-of-breed canine.
Tigress - "Some people say that I resemble a tiger."
Tinsel - A pet that arrives during the holidays.
Topaz - A beautiful yellow-colored quartz.
Trapeze - "I'm the most acrobatic doggie you'll ever see."
Treble - "I will always be a smart and loyal dog."
Tuesday - A good name for the dog that you adopt on a Tuesday.
Turquoise - This dog has gorgeous blue-green eyes.
Tweety - Your little dog might remind you of this cartoon character bird.
Umber - A brown or reddish-brown colored dog.
Vanity - "Who's the fairest puppy of them all? I am!"
Vanora - Welsh - A white wave. A wonderful name for your solid-white dog.
Velvet - "Elvis would have killed to know me."
Virago - A woman with an argumentative, disagreeable nature.
Virgo - The sixth sign of the zodiac. Represents a virgin. Yet another great name for your spayed dog.
Vista - "I can see for miles and miles with these eyes."
Vixen - This animal kind of favors a reindeer. Also has a naughty streak.
Welkin - An old term for the sky. This girl dog loves the outdoors.
Whimsy - "There's no accounting for my ideas."
Whisper - "I have the softest voice of any dog you've ever heard."
Wildfire - "Once I start barking, I'm hard to stop."
Willow - She is long, graceful, and limber.
Witch - An excellent name for your black dog.
Wren - The name for a pet with a great singing voice.
Xanthe - Greek - Means yellow or blonde colored. A wonderful name for your collie dog.