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Girl Dog Names - British Isles

Ada - English - Rich. This girl dog has chew-toys to spare.
Aidan - Irish - Small flame. This little girl dog is full of passion.
Alfreda - English - Elf counselor. A good name for any small breed of dog.
Allison - English - An honest girl. This dog cannot tell a lie.
Ashley - English - Name meaning an ash tree by a meadow.
Audrey - English - Strong and exalted.
Banshee - Irish Folklore - A woman who wailed outside a house to signal impending death. This dog can't stop howling.
Beverly - English - Beaver's meadow.
Bevin - Irish - One who is in harmony.
Blair - Irish - A dweller of the meadow.
Blythe - English - A merry and delightful one. This girl dog refuses to be sad.
Bonnie - English - Name meaning pretty. This dog always looks her best.
Brenda - Irish - Term for a baby raven. Your solid-black dog would appreciate this name.
Brianne - Irish - Courageous. A good guard dog name.
Bridget - Irish - One who is strong.
Casey - Irish - Full of courage. This girl dog will defend you at all cost.
Cassidy - Irish - Very bright and talented. This girl dog just loves to learn new tricks.
Clementine - English - Even-tempered. A great name for any non-aggressive breed of dog.
Colleen - Irish - Virgin or maiden.
Cordelia - Welsh - From the sea.
Darby - Irish - Name meaning liberty. This canine is always trying to escape.
Diana - THE Princess of princesses.
Dina - English - Of the valley.
Duchess - The spouse of a Duke. A wonderful name for your distinguished pure-bred dog.
Earlene - The feminine form of Earl, which is an English nobleman. Another great name for your distinguished pure-bred dog.
Edwina - English - A wealthy person.
Eileen - Irish - Shining.
Ella - English - Little virgin.
Elsa - English - Virgin princess.
Enid - Irish - Without flaws. A great name for any pure-bred dog.
Erin - This is another name for Ireland. A wonderful name for your Irish Setter dog.
Ethel - English - Princess. This girl dog comes from champion blood lines.
Fallon - Irish - A name meaning the ruler's grandchild.
Gilda - English - Golden haired.
Glenda - Irish - Lady of the valley. This dog doesn't care for mountains.
Godiva - The famous English noblewoman who rode naked through the streets of Coventry on her horse. This dog doesn't much care for clothes.
Guinevere - The legendary wife of King Arthur.
Hayley - English - Name for a meadow filled with hay.
Hazel - English - A small nut tree.
Henrietta - English - The head of the household. This dog keeps your home running like clockwork.
Hertha - English - Of the earth. This girl dog just loves to dig holes.
Hibernia - An old poetic name for Ireland. Another fantastic name for your Irish setter dog.
Ida - English - An extremely prosperous person. This dog has chew-toys to spare.
Jennifer or Jenna - Jennifer is an alternate form of Guinevere (King Arthur's wife).
Keely - Irish - Lovely. You can't take your eyes off of this girl dog.
Kelly - Irish - Name for a very brave warrior. This dog would lay down her life for you.
Kenda - English - A child of the water. This dog enjoys the water like no other. A wonderful name for your Labrador retriever dog.
Kerry - Irish - A name meaning black. Your solid-black dog would love this name.
Kimberley or Kimmy - English - A royal fortress meadow.
Lark - English - A singing skylark. This dog has a nice tone to her bark.
Leslie - English - Small meadow.
Did you know?
Mastiffs and Saint Bernards are the heaviest breeds of dogs. They can weigh up to 180 lbs (82 kilos).
Mavis - English - Full of joy. This girl dog is happy to be alive.
Meredith - Welsh - Pleasant. This girl dog is always in a good mood.
Milady - Term for a proper English lady. This dog's manners are impeccable.
Moira - Irish - Bitter.
Morgan - Welsh - Of the coast.
Nanette - English - Small dancer.
Neely - Irish - A victor.
Nera - English - Nearer. This girl dog always wants to be near you.
Oriana - Irish - The golden girl. A fantastic name for your Golden retriever dog.
Paige - Greek and English - This is a very young child. A name for the dog that you hope will never grow up.
Princess - "I demand everything I ask for, that's all."
Queen - "Every animal is my subject."
Rae - English - This is a female deer.
Roberta - English - Brilliant with fame. This dog is well-known all over the neighborhood.
Roxanne or Roxie - English - Bright shining one.
Scotia - A poetic term for Scotland. A wonderful name for your Scottish terrier dog.
Shannon - Irish - Little counselor.
Sheena - Irish - God's blessing.
Shelley - English - A person who comes from the meadow on the ledge.
Shirley - English - Someone from the bright meadow.
Tara - Irish - A term for a rocky hill.
Tyne - English - A river. A good name for any water-loving dog.
Vanora - Welsh - A white wave. A wonderful name for your solid-white dog.
Victoria - Queen Victoria was one of the greatest rulers of England. She ruled for 63 years and made England extremely prosperous.
Waneth - English - A person with a pale face.
Wynn - Welsh - A term meaning white. Your white-haired dog would love this name.
Yvette - English - Yew-bow.