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Girl Dog Names - Biblical, Hebrew, Or Christian

Abigail or Abby - Hebrew - Father is rejoicing. What a blessing this girl dog will be.
Abra - Hebrew - A feminine form of Abraham who was the Father of many nations.
Adar - Hebrew - The 6th month of the Jewish year.
Adina - Hebrew - Lovely. She's the most beautiful girl dog you've ever seen.
Angel or Angelina - You feel like this girl dog is looking out for you in so many ways.
Anna - The 89 year old prophetess who prophesied Jesus Christ's mission when he was presented in the temple. An appropriate name for an aged, adopted dog.
Bethany - A town near Jerusalem where Lazarus lived. A wonderful name for the dog that you rescue from death.
Bethel - A town which was north of Jerusalem. The Bible states that Jacob was here when he dreamed of the ladder between heaven and earth.
Beulah - A name for the promised land in the Bible. This dog holds a lot of promise.
Carmel - Hebrew - Garden Vineyard.
Danielle - Hebrew - God will judge.
Dara - Hebrew - Someone full of compassion. Feel free to tell this dog all your troubles.
Davida - Hebrew - Endearing. This girl dog is very special to you.
Deborah - A prominent Israelite judge and prophet in the Bible.
Delilah - A Philistine and the mistress of the Israelite hero Samson. She coaxed him into revealing the source of his great strength.
Dina, Dinah - Jacob and Leah's daughter.
Easter - This pet will somehow remind you of the resurrection of Jesus every day.
Eden - "Not having to work for food is paradise to me."
Edna - Hebrew - Full of youth. This puppy might never grow up.
Elizabeth or Eliza - The mother of John the Baptist and cousin of Mary, the mother of Jesus - as told in the New Testament.
Emanuelle - Hebrew - God is with us.
Esther - A courageous Jewish woman who saved her people from annihilation. A book is dedicated to her story in the Old Testament.
Eve - An appropriate name for your first female dog.
Gehenna - The valley near Jerusalem where refuse was burned.
Genesis - The first book of the Bible which tells the origin of the world. A great name for the dog that you intend to breed.
Goshen - The fertile land which was given to the Israelites while they were living in Egypt, before the Exodus.
Grace - This little girl is a true blessing from God.
Hagar - The Egyptian maidservant who partnered with Abraham to produce Ishmael.
Haifa - The main port of Israel, it lies on the slopes of Mt. Carmel.
Heaven - She's the kind of dog that you might find in Paradise.
Jaffa - A city in Israel. Among the oldest confirmed cities in the world.
Jane - Hebrew - God is gracious.
Jessica or Jessie - A variation on the Hebrew term for a wealthy person.
Jezebel - "You sometimes wonder if I have any shame."
Joelle - Hebrew - God is able.
Judith - A Jewish heroine who saved her people through her beauty. Has her own book in the Old Testament.
Junia - Paul's friend and the only named (in the New Testament), female apostle of Jesus.
Did you know?
Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest breed of dog. They can stand 3 ft (nearly a meter) tall at the shoulders.
Kelila - Hebrew - A name meaning laurel or crown. This dog will be a winner in life.
Ketura - Hebrew - Sweet smelling incense.
Leah - She's the elder of the two sisters who married Jacob.
Madonna - Another name for Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.
Manna - The miraculous food from heaven. It was given to the Israelites in the wilderness. You feel like this dog is a gift from heaven.
Miriam - The sister of Moses and Aaron in the Bible. This dog has some very special brothers.
Naomi - Hebrew - Name meaning pleasant. You just get a really good feeling around this dog.
Negev - The southern, triangular portion of Israel. It is a partial desert.
Paradise - "When you imagine the Garden of Eden, I'm in the picture."
Qumran - The caves which contained the dead sea scrolls are here.
Rachel - She is the younger of the two sisters who married Jacob.
Ranita - Hebrew - A joyful song. This dog will make you happy w/ her barking.
Raphaela - Hebrew - God has healed me.
Rebekah - The wife of Isaac.
Sabra - Hebrew - Calm and peaceful.
Salome - Hebrew - Peace. Petting this dog will bring you great peace.
Samantha - Aramaic - A good listener. Feel free to tell this dog all your problems.
Sarah - The wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. A great name for your matriarch pet.
Serafina - Hebrew - On fire for God or Angelic.
Sharon - Hebrew - Royal. This girl dog comes from champion blood lines.
Simone - Hebrew - A person who obeys. This dog excels at any obedience training.
Talia - Hebrew - Dew from Heaven. You feel that this dog is a genuine blessing from God.
Talitha - Aramaic - A young girl.
Tamara - Hebrew - A palm tree.
Trinity - The Christian term for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Yaffa - Hebrew - Very pretty.
Yenta - Yiddish - A woman who loves to gossip. Do not tell this pet your secrets!
Zara - Hebrew - Sunrise.
Zera - Hebrew - Seeds.
Zilla - Hebrew - A shadow. This dog follows you, everywhere you go.
Zipporah - The wife of Moses.