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Girl Dog Names - American and Canadian

Amelia - Amelia Earhart was the 1st woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. A great name for your independent-spirited dog.
Aretha - This dog is the queen of soul.
Arlene - Your poodle-skirt-wearing dog.
Avril - This dog loves to rock!
Babs - An appropriate name for your Barbra Streisand-loving dog.
Barbie - Your toy-poodle dog would appreciate this name.
Brittany - She has long blonde hair and more admirers than you can shake a stick at. A good girl dog name for a Collie or Afghan Hound.
Buffy - "I enjoy slaying vampires and chasing tennis balls - not necessarily in that order."
Carmel - A beautiful city in northern California. This dog is most comfortable on the west coast.
Carnie - "I like roller-coasters and ferris-wheels."
Cecilia - "I might just one day break your heart."
Canuck - This french poodle loves her country.
Celine - Diva is the best word to describe this dog.
Daphne - "I rely on my good looks to solve mysteries."
Dixie - "My loyalties lie with the south."
Dora - "I love to explore when I'm not sleeping or eating."
Dottie - "I'm goin' down to Nashville - I'm gonna be a real big star."
Edith - "I'm your very lovable, ding-bat of a dog."
Eleanor - An old-fashioned name for your old-fashioned dog.
Ellie Mae - You can take the doggie out of the country - but you can't take the country out of the doggie.
Elvira - "I'm the mistress of the bark."
Ethel - "I can't find Lucy or Ricky anywhere, never mind Fred."
Flo - This dog's just a good ol' girl.
Florida - "I love to walk in the sand and sunbathe."
Gidget - "I enjoy playing on the beach blanket with Bingo."
Halifax - The capital of Nova Scotia. It's a port on the Atlantic Ocean.
Hialeah - A city that's a suburb of Miami, FL.
Hilary - This pet's ambition knows no boundaries.
Jackie - "I'm the first-pet of your house."
Jemima - "Sometimes my master sneaks me syrup - don't tell the vet."
Jerri - You couldn't catch this girl dog if your life depended on it.
Juneau - The capital of Alaska and a port city. A wonderful name for the dog that loves cold weather.
Kodiak or Kodi - Kodiak is an island and city in the state of Alaska, USA. It was settled in the late 18th century. This name was submitted by Ed and his German Shepherd - Kodi.
Laverne - She's not the classiest dog in the world, but her heart's made of gold.
Liberty - This girl dog is constantly testing her limits.
Did you know?
Dogs were the first animals to be domesticated by man.
Madonna - Your material dog.
Marcia - "Mom and Dad love me best."
Marilyn - The original "Candle in the Wind."
Melba - She's your brave-little-toaster dog.
Pageant - "I belong in the Miss Canine America pageant."
Pebbles - Your prehistoric little doggie.
Racine - A major city in Wisconsin. It's located on Lake Michigan.
Salem - It's the famous city in Massachusetts where witches were burned at the stake.
Salina - A city in northern Kansas. Your midwestern dog would love this name.
Shania - A real down home girl dog that loves to sing.
Stella - "I can take care of myself."
Stevie - Rock on gold-dust woman.
Trixie - American - Version of the Latin name Beatrice - bringer of joy. This name was sent in by Beverly Dickinson and inspired by her Yorkie named Trixie.
Velma - "I can't seem to find my glasses."
Wendy - "I'm the all-American dog."
Whitney - The highest mountain in the lower 48 United States. It's located in California.
Zelda - Your treasure-hunt dog.
Zsa-Zsa - "I'm a high-maintenance pet."