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Male Dog Names Q - S

Quennel - French - Lives near the small oak tree.
Quentin - Latin - 5th.
Quentin - A Roman saint who was martyred in the 3rd century for his faith.
Quicksilver - Another name for mercury because of mercury's color and fast rate of flow.
Quid - British - One pound sterling.
Quillan - Irish - A little cub. This puppy reminds you of a little bear.
Quimby - Scandinavian - The dweller at the woman's estate.
Quincy - French - The 5th son's estate.
Quinlan - Irish - One who is very well-shaped and strong. A good name for your powerfully built Irish Setter dog.
Quinn - Irish - Wise.
Rabbit - The rabbit in Disney's "Winnie the Pooh."
Raccoon - A terrific name for your gray-colored dog.
Racer - A greyhound - or a dog who just looks like one.
Rad - English - A counselor. Other dogs come to him for advice.
Radar - "I will let you know when real or imaginary danger approaches."
Radbert - English - An intelligent counselor. The dog shrink.
Radburn - English - One who comes from the red brook.
Radcliff - English - A dweller at the red cliff.
Rafael - Spanish - God has healed.
Rafferty - Irish - Very wealthy and prosperous.
Ragnar - Norse - A powerful army.
Rainier - Mount Rainier is an inactive volcano in Washington.
Rajah - A former term for a prince of India.
Ralph - English - The wolf counselor.
Ramon - Spanish - Wise guardian. An excellent name for any guard dog.
Ramses - A name for many ancient Egyptian kings. This dog reigns supreme.
Randolph - English - The shield-bearing wolf.
Ranger - "I'm constantly patrolling the back yard."
Ransom - You sometimes wonder if you paid too much for your dog.
Raoul - French - Wolf counsel.
Raphael - An archangel mentioned in the book of Tobit.
Raphael - The patron saint of the blind. A great name for a seeing-eye-dog.
Rascal - This boy dog continually breaks the rules, but you love him anyway.
Rasputin - A Siberian mystic who helped bring about the downfall of the Russian empire. A wonderful name for your Siberian Husky dog.
Raven - The perfect name for your black-haired dog.
Raymond - German - Wise guardian. An excellent name for any guard dog.
Raymond - The patron saint of those who are wrongfully accused.
Reagan - Ronald Reagan was an American president during most of the 1980's. He fought fiercely against communism.
Rebel - "Obedience is for the birds."
Reece - Welsh - Eager. This male dog is always ready to learn new things.
Regal - "I carry myself with uncommon grace and dignity."
Regis - All hail the little king of all dogs.
Reverie - "My absolute favorite pastime is dog-napping!"
Remington - English - Person who comes from the raven-family estate. A fantastic name for any solid-black boy dog.
Remus - He and his twin brother Romulus were the legendary founders of Rome.
Renaldo - Spanish - Mighty force.
Renny - Irish - A small, but powerful person. A good name for any toy-breed of dog.
Reno - The dealer in the classic work of art, Dog's Playing Poker.
Renshaw - English - One who comes from the raven woods.
Reuben - Jacob's oldest son.
Rex - The dinosaur toy in Disney's Toy Story.
Rex - Latin - The king. A name for the pet dog that considers himself the master of his domain.
Ricardo - Spanish - Strong ruler.
Richard - German - Strong ruler.
Riddler - "I like to watch you scratch your head in disbelief."
Rider - English - A horseman.
Ridgley - English - The dweller at the ridge meadow.
Rigby - English - One who hails from the ruler's valley.
Riki-Tiki-Tavi - "I'll be glad to kill that cobra out in the yard."
Riley - Irish - An extremely valiant warrior.
Rip - Your screen door doesn't stand a chance with this dog around.
River - This boy dog just loves to play in the water.
Roberto - Spanish - Shining fame.
Robin Hood - The title character of a Disney movie.
Rochester - English - A rocky fortress.
Rocket - "Be careful, I can outrun you to the front door."
Rocky, Rocco - The Italian stallion. Who needs brains with all those muscles?
Roderick - German - Famous ruler.
Roger - German - Famous spear.
Roland - German - From the great land.
Rollie - "I love the circus life."
Roman - "I'd probably look pretty good in a toga."
Romeo - "I'm the most romantic dog you've ever owned."
Romulus - He and his twin brother Remus were the legendary founders of Rome.
Ronald - English - A mighty force. An excellent name for any large breed of dog.
Rookie - "Learning to be a dog isn't always easy."
Rooster - "I'm a big, bad chicken."
Rory - Irish - The red king. A great name for your dominant red-haired dog.
Roscoe - This Basset hound's heart lies in the south.
Roy - Irish - Red-haired.
Royce - English - A prince. This male dog comes from champion blood lines.
Rudolf - One of the great lakes of Africa.
Rudolph - German - A famous wolf.
Rudy - The little dog that could.
Rufus - Latin - A red-haired person. A fantastic name for your Irish setter dog.
Rufus - A citizen of Antioch who was martyred in the 2nd century for his faith. He became a saint.
Rush - "I give you a big jolt of energy every day."
Russel - French - Red.
Rusty - "My real name is Oxidation, but you can call me Rusty."
Ryan - Irish - Little red king.
Did you know?
Dogs shed their undercoats in the warm summer months and grow them back in the cooler months of autumn.
Sabas - A Goth who was drowned to death in the 4th century.
Saber - French - A sword. This boy dog can really cut to the chase.
Sadhu - Hindu - A holy man.
Sahara - The name of the world's largest desert. It is located in northern Africa. A wonderful name for your sandy-colored boy dog.
Sailor - This boy dog loves to go sailing with you.
Salaam - Islam - Peace. This pet dog will tolerate no discord in his household.
Saleem - Arabic - A term for peace. You'll never catch this boy dog anywhere near a fight.
Salvador - Spanish - The savior.
Salvator - A 16th century Spanish saint.
Samson - The Israelite whose strength lie in his hair.
Samuel - An ancient Hebrew prophet, judge and leader. Has 2 books bearing his name in the Old Testament.
Sanborn - English - A person who comes from the sandy brook.
Sancho - Spanish - Holy and honest.
Santo - Italian - Holy.
Saracen - A name used for the invading Moslems in the middle-ages.
Sargent - French - Law enforcement agent. An excellent name for any guard dog.
Sargon - An ancient Assyrian king.
Saturn - Roman Mythology - The god of the harvest. A good name for the boy dog that lives on a farm.
Satyr - Greek Mythology - The gods of the forests and woods.
Saul - He was the 1st king of Israel. This boy dog craves power.
Sava - The patron saint of Serbia.
Saville - French - One who dwells on the willow estate.
Sawyer - English - The sawer of wood. This boy dog just loves to sleep.
Saxon - An ancient Germanic tribe that invaded and conquered parts of Britain.
Scipio - A branch of the prominent Roman family - the Cornelii.
Scooter - An extremely quick little dog.
Scout - "I'll go out ahead and look for the enemy."
Scrappy - This dog is a little ball of fire.
Scrooge - The elderly duck in Disney's Donald Duck stories.
Scully - Irish - A town crier. This dog loves to cry.
Scuttle - The sea bird character in Disney's Little Mermaid.
Seal - This pet has a brown, sleek coat.
Searle - German - One who wears armor.
Sebastian - The lobster character in Disney's Little Mermaid.
Sebastian - Latin - A much revered person.
Sebastian - The patron saint of athletes.
Seger - English - The sea warrior.
Seminole - Certain tribes of Native Americans living in Florida and Oklahoma.
Sentinel - "No prowler will survive in my domain."
Serge - Latin - An attendant. This dog loves to fetch.
Seth - One of Adam and Eve's 3 sons.
Severn - English - A boundary.
Seward - English - A guardian over the sea.
Seymour - French - From St. Maur.
Shadow - "I like to follow my master around, anywhere and everywhere."
Shaft - "Can you dig it?"
Shakespeare - "My imagination knows no boundaries."
Shaman - The term for a priest or medicine man among many peoples.
Shane - Irish - God is gracious.
Shannon - Irish - Little counselor.
Sharif - Arabic - An honest and noble person. This boy dog doesn't know how to tell a lie.
Sharky - "I fancy myself the perfect predator. My prey? Burglars."
Shasta - "I get a kick out of romping in the mountains."
Sheik - Islam - A very respected man.
Shelby - English - Shelf manor.
Shem - Noah's oldest son.
Shepherd - English - A shepherd. A great name for any sheep-herding breed of dog.
Shere Khan - The big tiger in Disney's "Jungle Book."
Sheriff - "I'm the law around here."
Sherlock - Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous fictional detectives ever created.
Sherman - English - A shearer. An excellent name for any sheep-herding breed of dog.
Sherwood - This forest was the headquarters of the fictional Robin Hood and his merry band of thieves.
Shinto - An ancient religion of Japan which is still practiced today. It involves the worshipping of many gods and nature.
Shorty - "It ain't easy being vertically challenged."
Shotgun - This dog has quick, powerful bursts of energy.
Sidney - French - From St. Denis.
Sigmund - German - The champion protector.
Silas - A 1st century leader of the Church in Jerusalem. He became a saint.
Silver - He's your faithful companion on the dusty trail.
Simeon - The 2nd of the 12 sons of Jacob.
Simon - The original name of St. Peter.
Sinclair - French - From St. Clair.
Sirius - The Dog Star.
Sitka - "I'm happiest when there's a little ice on the ground."
Siva - One of the gods of the Hindu trinity. Known as the destroyer and restorer.
Skeeter - This boy dog can sometimes be a real pest, but you love him anyway.
Skipper - "The sea beckons me. At least get me a wading pool."
Skippy - "I'll be your best friend if you'll sneak me some peanut butter."
Slade - English - A person who dwells in the valley.
Slash - "You sure don't wanna meet me in a dark alley."
Sleepy - This dwarf-dog needs plenty of beauty sleep.
Slim - This dog refuses to gain weight.
Sloan - Irish - A fighter.
Smokey - This boy dog likes to ride 'shotgun' in the police cruiser.
Snake - "Don't tread on my turf."
Snapper - This dog is a perky son of a gun.
Sneezy - Another good dwarf-dog name.
Snoopy - "Grown-ups speak gibberish."
Snuffy - "I sort of resemble a wooly mammoth."
Socrates - Ancient Greek philosopher and teacher who sought truth and goodness.
Sol - Roman Mythology - The sun god. This boy dog loves to sun-bathe.
Solomon - "I seem wiser than any ordinary dog."
Sonoma - "Take me along - when you get away for the weekend."
Sparky - "I can always lift your spirits."
Spencer - English - A provider.
Sphinx - An ancient Egyptian statue that has the head of a man and a lion's body.
Spider - Sometimes you think this pet dog has extra legs.
Spike - This dog is your primary protector.
Spock - Out of all the Vulcans, he's your favorite.
Spooky - The dog that goes bump in the night.
Squire - English - A knight's assistant.
Stacy - Greek - Resurrection. An excellent name for any dog that you've rescued.
Stanislas - French - Glorious one.
Stanley - One of the largest waterfalls in Africa.
Stefan - German - Crown.
Stefan - The king and father of Sleeping Beauty.
Stefano - Italian - Crown.
Stephen - The patron saint of bricklayers. He was the 1st Christian martyr.
Sterling - This dog is of the most pure stock.
Stoney - "Rock-climbing is my passion."
Stormy - "I have a volatile personality."
Stuart - English - A steward or manager.
Stud - "I'm the MAN."
Sultan - "The ruler of his domain."
Sumo - A big, fat, athletic dog.
Swami - This dog enjoys playing with your magic 8-ball.
Sylvester - Latin - Of the forest.