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Male Dog Names H - J

Hackett - German - The little wood cutter. This dog enjoys a bed of wood-shavings.
Hades - Greek Mythology - The home of the dead.
Hadrian - The Roman emperor who built the famous wall in northern Britain.
Hadrian - The patron saint of soldiers.
Hagen - Irish - A very small and youthful person. An appropriate name for the runt of the litter.
Hagley - English - Person from a closed meadow or pasture.
Halbert - English - The radiant hero.
Haley - Irish - Clever. This male dog has no problem learning new things.
Hallvard - The patron saint of Oslo.
Halsey - English - A resident of Hal's island.
Hamal - Arabic - A lamb. As gentle as any boy dog ever gets.
Hamar - Scandinavian - A hammer. The boy dog that can lay down the law.
Hamlet - The tragic Shakespearean hero.
Hamlin - German - One who loves his home. There couldn't be a dog that is more content.
Hamm - The pig toy in Disney's "Toy Story."
Hammurabi - Ancient king of Babylon. He developed one of the 1st codes of law in history.
Handel - Famous composer who wrote the Messiah.
Hannibal - The famous Carthaginian general and statesman. This boy dog is a natural leader.
Happy - There is no way to wipe the smile off this dwarf-dog's face.
Harbin - German - A little shining fighter. A good name for the little breed of dog with a lot of spunk.
Hardy - German - An extremely adventurous person.
Harold - English - An army leader.
Harper - English - A harp player.
Harpo -"I can honk a mean horn."
Harry - English - A fighter.
Hart - English - A male deer.
Hartman - German - Strong as a deer.
Harvey - German - The warrior of the army.
Haven - English - A safe place. A good name for your guard dog.
Havoc - "Destruction of furniture is my passion."
Hawkeye - This boy dog notices everything.
Hector - One of the bravest Trojan warriors. He was killed by the Greek warrior Achilles.
Heinrich - German - House ruler. This male dog demands the royal treatment.
Helicon - A mountain region in Greece that was the mythological home of the muses.
Helios - Greek Mythology - The sun god. This dog doesn't much care for clouds.
Hellion - "Trouble is my middle name."
Helsinki - The capital of Finland.
Hemingway - "I enjoy telling stories to the neighborhood dogs."
Henry - German - House ruler.
Herbert - German - Bright warrior.
Herbie - The LOVE dog.
Hercules - "I often astound you with my feats of canine strength."
Herman - German - Man of the army.
Hermes - Greek Mythology - The messenger god.
Hermes - A 2nd century Roman citizen and saint who was executed for his faith. He became a saint.
Hershel - Hebrew - A deer.
Hidalgo - A minor Spanish nobleman.
Hillel - One of the most prominent Jewish scholars in history. This boy dog is highly intelligent.
Hindu - A native of India or believer in Hinduism. A good name for any Asian breed of dog.
Hippocrates - Ancient Greek physician. He is considered the Father of Medicine.
Hiram - Hebrew - The most noble person of all.
Hobart - The capital of Tasmania. A good name for the dog that resembles a tasmanian devil.
Hocus - "Now you see me, now you don't."
Hogan - Irish - Young. You hope this puppy never grows up.
Holden - English - From the hollow.
Hombre - "I'm one rough, tough dog."
Homer - The legendary Greek author of the "Iliad" and the "Odyssey."
Hook - The villain in Disney's Peter Pan.
Hoover - This dog has tons of dirt on you. But he probably won't tell.
Horace - Latin - Of the hours.
Hosea - A Hebrew prophet with an Old Testament book bearing his name.
Hot Dog - "Yeah, I'm just a show-off."
Houdini - "Do you really think that leash can hold me?"
Houston - He was the first president of the Republic of Texas.
Howard - English - The chief guard. An excellent name for any guard dog.
Hubert - A king and the father of prince Philip in Sleeping Beauty.
Hubert - The patron saint of hunters. A great name for the dog that you plan to take hunting with you.
Huey - Another good web-footed dog name.
Hugo - Victor Hugo was a famous French novelist who wrote The Hunchback of Notre Dame, among other works.
Hunter - "Although I can fend for myself, please feed me twice a day."
Hydra - Greek Mythology - A serpent with 9 heads. When 1 head was cut off, 2 more grew back in its place. Hercules finally killed Hydra.
Iago - The parrot in Disney's "Aladdin."
Iago - The crafty and evil villain of Shakespeare's "Othello." This dog is always scheming.
Ian - Scottish - God is gracious.
Ibadan - A large city in Nigeria.
Iberia - A peninsula in Europe occupied by Spain and Portugal.
Ibn Saud - He formed the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Ibrahim - Arabic - Father of many nations.
Icarus - The Greek mythological son of Daedalus. Daedalus fashioned wings for he and his son. Icarus flew too high and the sun melted the wax holding his wings together. He fell to his death.
Iceman - "No matter what happens, I will keep my cool."
Ichor - Greek Mythology - The fluid that flowed through the gods veins.
Idol - "My masters are in awe of me."
Idyll - This boy dog is the perfect additon to any scene.
Ignatius - Latin - Full of fire. This male dog can't contain his passionate nature.
Ignatius - A saint and priest. He founded the Society of Jesus (Jesuits).
Igor - Scandinavian - Valiant.
Incubus - An evil spirit thought to attach itself to sleeping victims.
Indic - A term which means of India. Another appropriate name for an Asian breed of dog.
Indra - The early Hindu god of rain and thunder. This dog gets excited during a storm.
Inger - Norse - The son's army.
Ingmar - Scandinavian - A famous son.
Ira - Hebrew - A very alert watchman. This boy dog rarely sleeps on duty, but sometimes takes a cat-nap.
Irving - English - A friend from the sea. Another great name for your water-loving dog.
Isaac - The son of Abraham and Sarah.
Isaac - The patron saint of North America.
Isaiah - A major Hebrew prophet with his own book in the Old Testament.
Isaias - An 11th Century Russian monk. He became a saint.
Ishmael - The son of Abraham and the Egyptian servant Hagar.
Isidore - Greek - A gift from Isis.
Isidore - The patron saint of farmers.
Ivan - Russian - God is gracious.
Did you know?
Mastiffs and Saint Bernards are the heaviest breeds of dogs. They can weigh up to 180 lbs (82 kilos).
Jacinto - Spanish - A hyacinth.
Jacob - Father of the 12 sons who made up the 12 tribes of Israel. This boy dog will one day be the Father of many litters.
Jacques - Jacques Cousteau was a legendary, undersea French filmmaker.
Jafar - The villain of Disney's "Aladdin."
Jagger - "I have real problems getting any satisfaction."
Jakarta - The capital of Indonesia.
Jake - The adventurous mouse in Disney's "The Rescuers."
Jamal - Arabic - The very handsome one. A wonderful name for any pure-bred boy dog.
James - The name of 2 of Jesus Christ's 12 apostles and the patron saint of Spain.
Januarius - The patron saint of blood banks. An appropriate dog name for the flea-infested dog.
Janus - Roman Mythology - The god of portals and beginnings and endings. This dog represents a new chapter in your life.
Japheth - One of Noah's 3 sons.
Jaq - A mouse in Disney's "Cinderella."
Jared - Hebrew - A descendant.
Jarman - German - A German. A great name for any German breed of dog.
Jarvis - German - A professional with a spear.
Jason - Greek - A healer.
Javier - Spanish - The owner of a new home.
Jedidiah or Jed - Hebrew - A person who is beloved by God.
Jeeves - Your proper English butler dog.
Jeffrey - German - Peace of God.
Jehu - A former king of Israel.
Jeremiah - One of the major Hebrew prophets. Has his own book in the Old Testament.
Jericho - This city's walls collapesed when the Israelites sounded their trumpets.
Jerome - An early Christian church father and saint. He composed the Vulgate.
Jerry - "For the last time, I'm not a mouse."
Jersey - "I'm a big fan of both the Jets and the Giants."
Jesse - The father of King David.
Jester - The professional fool. You can't help but laugh while observing this dog.
Jet - "I was built for speed, man."
Jethro - "I'm partial to black gold and Texas tea."
Jidda - A seaport in Saudi Arabia located on the Red Sea.
Jiminy - The cricket character in Disney's "Pinocchio."
Jimmy - Third dog from the left - in the classic work of art, "Dogs Playing Poker."
Jingo - One who favors war at all costs.
Joachim - Hebrew - God will judge.
Joachim - The traditional father of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.
Jock - The Scottish terrier dog in Disney's "Lady and the Tramp."
Joel - Hebrew - God is able.
Johann - German - God is gracious.
John - The only apostle of Jesus Christ who was present at the crucifixion.
John - A little boy in Disney's "Peter Pan."
Joker - A boy dog that always gives you a sidesplitting good time.
Jonah - The Hebrew prophet who spent 3 days in the belly of a whale.
Jordan - A country located just east of Israel.
Jorge - Spanish - A farmer.
Josaphat - A Polish priest and saint of the 17th century.
Joseph - A son of Jacob who was given a beautiful, multi-colored coat. Out of jealousy, he was sold by his brothers into Egyptian slavery. Would be a really good name for the boy dog that has a beautiful coat.
Joseph - The adopted father of Jesus Christ. He is the patron saint of carpenters.
Joshua - Succeeded Moses as the leader of the Israelites.
Jove - Another name for Jupiter.
Juan - Spanish - God is gracious.
Judah - Hebrew - Praised. One of the 12 tribes of Israel.
Jude - The patron saint of desperate causes.
Jules - French - Young. You hope this puppy never grows up.
Julian - The last Roman emperor to persecute the Christians.
Julio - Spanish - Young.
Julius - A youthful man with a downy-beard.
Jumbo - The big elephant character in Disney's "Dumbo."
Jungle - "I could probably survive in the wild...for about 24 hrs."
Jupiter - The Roman god of gods. This dog is second to none.
Justin - Latin - An upright, moral man. This boy dog delights in doing good.
Justus - The patron saint of Madrid.