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Girl Dog Names N - P

Nacre - Another word for mother-of-pearl. A good girl dog name for any light-colored breed.
Nadia - Slavic - Full of hope. It's hard to be depressed when she is around.
Nagoya - A port in southern Honshu, Japan. An excellent name for any Japanese breed of dog such as an Akita Inu or Shiba Inu.
Naiad - Greek Mythology - The nymphs who gave birth to springs, rivers, streams and other bodies of water. Water dogs like Spaniels and Retrievers would appreciate this name.
Naira - The monetary unit of Nigeria. A good choice for African dog breeds - Basenjis, Greyhounds, Salukis, or Rhodesian Ridgebacks.
Nakoma - An Indian girl in Disney's "Pocahontas."
Namib - One of the great deserts of Africa.
Nana - A dog that reminds you of your dear granny?
Nanette - English - Small dancer. A good name for any toy dog breeds such as a Chihuahua, Yorkie, Maltese, Pekingese, etc.
Nanny - This canine is a mother to all - no matter the species.
Naomi - Hebrew - Name meaning pleasant. This little girl calms your nerves after a long day at work.
Nastassia - Russian - Birthday. A good choice for Russian dog breeds such as Siberian Huskies, Borzoi, or Samoyeds.
Natalia - Spanish - Birthday. An excellent name for your Mexican dog breeds such as Chihuahuas or Xolos.
Natalie - Latin - A child born on Christmas day.
Natividad - Spanish - Born on Christmas day.
Nectar - A liquid found in some flowers which bees use to make honey. This girl dog is naturally sweet.
Neda - Slavic - Born on Sunday.
Neely - Irish - A victor. An excellent choice for Irish dog breeds such as Irish Setters, Irish Wolfhounds, or Kerry Blue Terriers.
Nefertiti - An ancient Egyptian queen who was the wife of Akhenaton. Your pure-bred Egyptian dog breed - Saluki or Greyhound - would love this name.
Negev - The southern, triangular portion of Israel. It is a partial desert.
Nemesis - Greek Mythology - The goddess of retribution. This female dog always remembers.
Neola - Greek - A youthful girl. You hope this puppy never grows up.
Nepal - A mountainous kingdom in the Himalayas. Mount Everest stands in this country.
Nera - English - Nearer. This doggie can't be close enough to you.
Neva - The Spanish term for snow, which would fit your solid white pet very nicely.
Nicole - Greek - A name meaning victory of the people.
Nidia - Latin - A shelter. This dog will shelter you from all intruders.
Niger - A river and country in Africa.
Nila - Latin - The Nile River.
Nile - The longest river on Earth. It helped form the Egyptian civilization. Another good name for Egyptian dog breeds - Greyhounds or Salukis.
Nina - Spanish - Girl. Your female Chihuahau or Xolo would appreciate this pretty name.
Niobe - Greek Mythology - Queen of Thebes who was turned into a weeping stone.
Nippon - The Japanese term for Japan. An excellent choice for your Japanese dog breed - Akita or Shiba Inu
Nissa - Scandinavian - A happy little girl.
Nita - Choctaw Indian - Bear cub. This puppy resembles a bear.
Noelle - "Every day is Christmas to me."
Nokomis - Cherokee Indian - Elder woman. This dog seems wise beyond her years.
Nola - Latin - A small bell. A wonderful name for any toy breed of dog - Yorkies, Maltese, Pekingese, Pug, Shih Tzu, etc.
Norma - Latin - A rule or precept. This girl dog really lays down the law.
Nova - This is a star that suddenly becomes brighter and brighter. This puppy picks up dog training really fast.
Novena - A period of devotions lasting for 9 days.
Nubia - Region in northeast Africa which includes parts of Egypt and the Sudan. It was once a kingdom.
Nugget - Another great name for your golden-haired dog - Golden Retriever.
Nuzzle - "I just love to rub my nose against yours."
Nyasa - One of the great lakes of Africa.
Nymph - A group of nature goddesses found in rivers, streams, hills, woods, forests, etc. This pet dog absolutely loves the outdoors.
Did you know?
Most dogs have 2 coats of fur. The outer coat protects a dog from the elements (rain, snow, etc.) The undercoat keeps a dog warm.
Oahu - The island that contains the Capital of Hawaii - Honolulu.
Oatmeal - The canine that is gray and kind of lumpy.
Obelia - Greek - A pointed pillar. A wonderful pet name for the dog with large pointed ears - Basenji, Boxer, Doberman, Great Dane, etc.
Obsession - You think of this doggie night and day.
Oceania - Another name for the many thousands of islands that lie all across the Pacific Ocean.
Ochre - A pale, brownish-yellow color.
Octavia - Latin - Term for eighth.
Odele - Greek - A melodic song. A great name for the dog w/ a beautiful voice.
Odelia - French - Little and prosperous. An excellent choice for your pure-bred Yorkie, Maltese, or Chihuahua.
Odessa - Greek - An odyssey or long journey. You had to go through a lot to get this girl dog.
Odilia - The patron saint of the blind. A good pet name for a seeing-eye-dog.
Olga - Russian - Of God. A good choice for Russian dog breeds - Siberian Huskies, Samoyeds, or Borzoi.
Olga - Saint Olga was a 10th century Russian who ruled in place of her son.
Olive - A possible name for the black dog that resembles a ripe olive?
Olla - Spanish - A wide-mouthed pot. An excellent name for a Bulldog.
Olympia - Greek - From Mt. Olympus or Heaven.
Oma - Arabic - A leader. This girl takes charge of the pack.
Oman - A country located on the Arabian Sea.
Omega - This is the final letter of the Greek alphabet. You feel like this puppy might be the last dog you'll ever own?
Onawa - Native American - One who is wide-awake. This guard dog will never sleep on the job.
Oneida - Native American - Eagerly desired. You waited a long time to get this dog.
Opal - A fantastic name for your milky-hued breed of dog.
Opera - "I'm a dramatic puppy who just loves to sing."
Ophelia - Greek - An assistant or helper. She is always around when you need her - and sometimes when you don't.
Ora - Latin - Gold. Your Golden Retriever would just love this name.
Orchid - "My beauty is prized the world-over."
Orela - Latin - A divine announcement from the gods.
Orenda - Iroquois Indian - One having magical powers. This girl dog moves in mysterious ways.
Oreo - A great name for your black and white Dalmatian.
Oriana - Irish - The golden girl. A fantastic name for your Golden Retriever.
Origami - A great name for any Japanese dog breed such as a Shiba Inu or Akita.
Orinoco - A large river which forms the boundary between Columbia and Venezuela.
Osaka - The 2nd largest city in Japan. Another great pet name for your Shiba Inu or Akita.
Paanga - A monetary unit of Tonga.
Paddy - "I walk carefully on the pads of my feet."
Pageant - "I belong in the Miss Canine America pageant."
Paige - Greek and English - This is a very young child. She will always be a puppy at heart.
Paisa - A monetary unit in India.
Pajamas - "Some people think I'm wearing pajamas... my coat is so beautiful."
Pallas - Greek Mythology - The goddess of wisdom - Also called Athena. Other dogs turn to this girl for advice.
Pallid - An appropriate name for your solid-white dog.
Palma - Latin - A palm tree.
Palmetto - A type of palm, abundant in the SE United States, with fan-shaped leaves.
Paloma - Spanish - A dove. This girl dog brings peace everywhere she goes.
Pamela or Pam - Greek - Honey. A fantastic name for any honey-colored dog such as a Cocker Spaniel.
Pamper - "You can't help yourself, you've just gotta pamper me."
Pandora - Greek Mythology - She was the first mortal woman. Out of curiosity, she opened a box that unleashed all the evil into the world. "I sometimes act without thinking first."
Pansy - "I'm your favorite little-bitty-puppy flower." Toy dog breeds would fit this name nicely.
Panthea - Greek - All the gods.
Pantry - "I'm mesmerized by canned goods."
Papaya - A tropical melon-like fruit that is yellowish-orange.
Papyrus - A plant used by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians as material for their documents.
Paradise - "When you imagine the Garden of Eden, I'm in the picture."
Paris - "Come with me along the Champs-Elysées." An excellent name for an French dog breed such as a Basset Hound, Bichon Frise, Briard, or Papillon.
Parma - A city in northern Italy. An Italian dog breed such as a Cane Corso, Italian Greyhound, or Maltese would appreciate this name.
Parmesan - "I have a fondness for cheese-flavored treats."
Parthenia - Greek - A woman who is a virgin or a maiden. A great name for your spayed dog.
Passion - "I do everything with the utmost enthusiasm."
Pastel - A good name for the pet who's colors consist of soft shades.
Patagonia - A region in South America divided between Argentina and Chile.
Patricia or Patty - Latin - A noble lady. A good name for any pure-bred dog.
Patricia - The patron saint of Naples, Italy.
Paula - She is a 4th century saint who is a patroness of widows.
Peaches - "I'm a sweet and fuzzy girl dog."
Pearl - This pearly white girl is a rare jewel.
Pebbles - Your prehistoric little doggie.
Peek-a-boo - "I seem to be just around every corner." A good name for a Peke A Poo?
Pega - An English Saint of the 7th century.
Pelagia - Greek - One who comes out of the sea. A wonderful name for any water-loving dog - American Water Spaniel, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, English Setter, Gordon Setter, Labrador Retriever, etc.
Pelagia - A 15 year old of the 3rd century who was killed for her faith in Christ. She became a saint.
Penelope - Greek Mythology - The wife of Odysseus. She was a weaver.
Penny - The little girl character in Disney's "The Rescuers."
PepperAnn - The title character of a popular Disney television show.
Perdita - The Mommy Dalmatian in Disney's "101 Dalmatians."
Perfecta - Spanish - Without any fault. A great name for your pure-bred Chihuahua or Xolo.
Perla - The lady mouse in Disney's "Cinderella."
Perpetua - A 3rd century woman who was killed for her faith. She became a saint.
Persia - "When you tried to catch me... IRAN."
Persis - Latin - A person who hails from Persia.
Petra - Latin - Rock. You can really count on this girl dog.
Petunia - A good name for the girl dog that resembles the cartoon pig.
Philantha - Greek - One who loves flowers.
Philippa - Greek - One who loves horses.
Philomena - She was a young Christian girl who was martryed in Rome.
Phoebe - Greek - She is brilliant and shining. You couldn't have picked a better canine.
Phoebe - A 1st century deaconess of the Church as mentioned in the New Testament.
Pia - Italian - One who greatly fears God. Another good name for your Italian dog breed - Italian Greyhound or Maltese.
Piglet - Does your puppy resemble a baby pig? Maybe she'll grow out of it.
Pilar - Spanish - A foundation, column or pillar. This puppy dog adds stability to your life.
Piper - "You can pay me now or pay me later."
Pixie - An ittie-bittie Yorkie, Maltese, Peek a Poo, or Chihuahua.
Pleiades - Greek Mythology - The 7 daughters of Atlas who were transformed into stars by Zeus.
Pocahontas - The famous Indian princess and title character of a Disney movie.
Pomona - Roman Mythology - The goddess of fruit-bearing trees.
Portia - Latin - An offering.
Posey - You know where to find her - romping in the flower garden.
Prima - Latin - First. A good name for your first girl dog.
Princess - "I demand everything I ask for, that's all." An excellent name for your pure-bred doggie.
Priscilla - Latin - Classic. This canine presents every trait of her breed perfectly.
Prudence - "I manage my dog biscuits wisely."
Pyrena - Greek - Fire. You couldn't ask for a more passionate canine.